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20 Apr 2014
Palestinians in Israel jails, war crime  20\4\2014

Palestinians in Israel jails, war crime 
there is a “legal, humanitarian and moral duty to exert real pressure to stop aggression against the prisoners and to stop Israel from committing more war crimes.”According to international law, these prisoners are fighting for the freedom of their people

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17 Apr 2014
British activists condemn US support for Israel 17\4\2014

British activists condemn US support for Israel 17\4\2014 Pro-Palestinian activists have staged a protest outside the US Embassy in London, calling for an end to Washington’s financial support for Israel. The protest was held in the British capital on the occasion of April 15, which marks America’s Tax Day. Demonstrators said American taxpayers unknowingly pay USD 4 to 6 billion to Israel every year in the forms of financial and military aid. They also said the US administration is aiding the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories by using its veto power against any UN resolution condemning Tel Aviv. Protesters carried placards reading, “USA: Stop funding genocide in Gaza,” “What … Continue reading

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4 Apr 2014
Israeli forces demolish Palestinian homes 3\4\2014

Israeli forces have stormed a neighborhood in the East al-Quds (Jerusalem), demolishing homes and structures belonging to Palestinian Bedouins, Press TV reports.

The Israeli forces raided Jabal al-Baba neighborhood in al-Ezariya town on Thursday morning.
The Israeli bulldozers then demolished a number of Palestinian homes, including two structures belonging to Bedouins of the Jahalin tribe. Some 25 people were living in the two structures.
Jahalin tribesmen were displaced by Israel from their villages in the Negev Desert in 1948. They currently live east and northeast of al-Quds, near the illegal Maale Adumim settlement.
The demolition came without a warning, with a local official saying that the move was part of Tel Aviv’s plan to empty … Continue reading

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3 Apr 2014
Israel killed 12 Palestinians, arrested 364 in March 2\4\2014

Israel killed 12 Palestinians, arrested 364 in March

Twelve Palestinians were killed and 364 arrested by Israeli forces in Gaza Strip and the West Bank during March, a study released yesterday has found.

The information appeared in the annual report issued by Ahrar Centre for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights, which documents the Israeli violations against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the occupied West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.
According to the report, the number of Palestinians arrested from Jerusalem was 83, 81 from Beit Ommar and Hebron, 48 from Jenin, 46 from Bethlehem, 43 from Nablus, 17 from Qalqilya, 13 from Ramallah, 11 from Jericho, eight from Salfit and Tulkarm and six from the … Continue reading

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2 Apr 2014
Israeli committee approves huge synagogue near Al-Aqsa Mosque 2\4\2014

A Palestinian Islamic foundation concerned with protecting the sacred sites in Jerusalem revealed on Monday that an Israeli committee has approved a scheme to build a huge synagogue in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City, only 200 meters away from Al-Aqsa Mosque.

A statement issued by Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage said that a sub-committee of the District Committee for Planning and Building in Jerusalem, which is affiliated with the Israeli Ministry of Interior, approved during a meeting that took place on Sunday, 30 March 2014 the establishment of a very large synagogue called the Jewel of Israel in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem.
The synagogue, … Continue reading

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30 Mar 2014
Israeli forces attack protesters on Land Day  30\3\2014 - Beit Ommar

Israeli forces attack protesters on Land Day
30\3\2014 – Beit Ommar
Clashes have broken out between Israeli forces and activists demonstrating to mark the eve of Land Day in Beit Ommar
The demonstration turned violent after Israeli forces fired stun grenades to disperse the protesters marching through the streets of Beit Ommar.
Several children’s were injured in the violence.Including
Qais Mohamed Kamel Eboumaria 12 years -A rubber bullet in his left foot for a distance of less than 10 meters


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28 Mar 2014
Israeli bulldozers destroy mosque, medical center in East Jerusalem - 27\3\2014

Israeli bulldozers demolished a Palestinian-owned building that housed a mosque, a medical center, and apartments in East Jerusalem early Wednesday, witnesses told Ma’an.

Locals said Israeli police and special forces stormed Khallat al-Ein square in the al-Tur neighborhood east of the Old City of Jerusalem and surrounded a building owned by Ghadir Abu Ajram Abu Ghaliya.
Officers then evacuated the two-story building and neutralized gas and water networks before bulldozers began the demolition.
Abu Ghaliya told Ma’an that his building was demolished “without prior notice” from Israeli authorities.
The first floor of the building held a mosque and a medical center, while the second floor consisted of two apartments housing 11 family members, Abu Ghaliya … Continue reading

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27 Mar 2014
Israeli Soldiers Shot Dead Palestinian Teen in Cold Blood

Israeli occupation forces who shot dead a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank last week used live fire, without warning, against innocent youngsters out foraging for roots, an Israeli rights group said Wednesday.

After investigating the March 19 death of 15-year-old Yussef Sami Shawamreh, B’Tselem said it had found no evidence to support the army’s version of events that troops had opened fire at youths who had “sabotaged” the West Bank apartheid wall.

B’Tselem said the primary responsibility for the boy’s death rested with the army commanders who approved the use of live fire at a site where villagers from Deir al-Asal al-Tahta are known to go out and pick wild plants on their own land.


An army spokeswoman … Continue reading

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27 Mar 2014
Israel refuses EU access to Palestinian prisoners 27\3\2014

Israel refuses EU access to Palestinian prisoners 27\3\2014
The International Campaign for Releasing the Abducted Members of Parliament (Free PLC Members) has condemned the Israeli authorities for preventing a European Parliament delegation

from visiting Israeli prisons to see the conditions prisoners are subjected to. On March 19-20, the EU Parliament sent a fact-finding delegation to Israeli prisons where Palestinians are held however Israeli authorities refused to cooperate with the delegation.
In a press statement, Free PLC Members described Israel’s behaviour as “unethical”, noting that Israel continues to violate the parliamentary immunity of MPs who were elected by the Palestinian people: Israel abducted them then deported them, and it has now it prevented access to … Continue reading

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24 Mar 2014
Israeli troops use journalists as human shields  Monday, 24 March 2014

A Palestinian journalist says Israeli troops have used him and his two colleagues as human shields during a demonstration in the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, Press TV reports.

Palestinian journalist Moussa al-Shaer said Israeli soldiers held them for hours to protect themselves during clashes following their invasion of the Aida refugee camp on Saturday.

Shaer said Israeli forces also took their press cards and prevented them from covering the clashes that broke out during the pro-Palestinian protest in the city.

The incident is the latest in Israeli aggressions against Palestinian journalists, which have been on the rise in the past months.

Palestinian journalist Naser al-Shuyukhi, who has been frequently attacked by Israeli troops, … Continue reading