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1 Mar 2008

Today approximately 50 Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists marched towards the Karmi Tsur settlement, built on Beit Ommar’s land. Karmi Tsur has recently been the staging area for the Israeli Occupation Forces as they invade Beit Ommar with increasing violence throughout the last month. Though originally planned as a demonstration against the recent bulldozing of Palestinian agricultural land near the settlement, residents decided to change the message to include a statement in solidarity with the residents of Gaza. Over 40 people were killed in attacks throughout the Gaza strip today alone, including 2 babies and small children.

The activists marched uninhibited to the fence … Continue reading

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24 Feb 2008

Jerusalem / PNN – Yesterday throngs of people held a sit-in at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in East Jerusalem’s Old City. The occasion was a day of solidarity with the people of Gaza, under intense siege by the Israeli government and its forces.

Bishop Attallah Hanna, the Archbishop of the Roman Orthodox Church, began with a prayer “in support of our people,” and “to lift the siege on our people in the Gaza Strip.”

Jerusalem itself is under heavy siege by the Israeli government and its forces which are creating new facts on the ground in contravention to international law and the United Nations, including settlement building and expansion, Wall construction which is cutting off the city from the rest … Continue reading

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1 Feb 2008

From Aharon

Communities throughout the world continue to protest and conduct demonstrations opposing the situations facing Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. At the University of California in Santa Barbara, campus organization, Students for Justice in Palestine, conducted a week of demonstrations on campus, topping off the week-long campaign to bring light to the Palestinian issue with a candlelight vigil for Gaza residents. Several speakers held audience, weighing in on the situation. One speaker, Aharon Ahmad M., spoke intimately about his experiences volunteering recently with the PSP in the West Bank. Aharon spent weeks with PSP co-founder, Mousa Maria, in Beit Ommar over his winter break from classes.

Despite heated debate … Continue reading

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31 Jan 2008

Philadelphia, PA saw two days of protest against the Israeli lockdown of the Gaza Strip. On Friday, January 25, residents protested at the Israeli consulate. Saturday, demonstrators marched in downtown Philadelphia carrying posters demanding an immediate end to the Occupation of Gaza and to “allow the convoy through”, a reference to the food and supplies convoy organized by Israeli groups that was making its way to the Erez Crossing from Israel to the Gaza Strip on the same day. Participants were also connecting American support for Israel’s siege to local crises at home, chanting “I don’t know where my taxes are going, but I can’t pay my rent”. A … Continue reading

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28 Jan 2008

In London, New York, Rome, San Francisco, as well as dozens of smaller towns in the United States and Europe, people demonstrated this weekend in solidarity with the 1.5 million residents of Gaza who have been imprisoned and under siege from the Israel. One of the largest was a demonstration at Gaza itself. Hundreds of Israeli citizens, Palestinian and Jewish, joined in a convoy to the Erez checkpoint, the entrance to the Gaza Strip that has been sealed completely for several months. They came carrying Palestinian flags and truckloads of food, insisting on giving aid to the people of Gaza. On the other side of the checkpoint, out of … Continue reading

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27 Dec 2007

Spend any time in Occupied Palestine and you will hear countless stories of how families are divided by various aspects of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. One such story is that of the Al-Hreimi family, grandfather Yasin, father Jalal, and daughter Samaher Al-Hreimi.

Yasin Hreimi was one of twenty six Palestinians exiled to Gaza as part of a deal brokered between Israelis and Palestinians at the end of a month long Israeli seige of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002. Nearly 200 Palestinian men, women, and children sought refuge in the Church of the Nativity during this seige. The seige was part of a much larger Israeli offensive … Continue reading

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20 Jun 2007

Many soldiers, tanks, bulldozers, and jeeps of the IOF occupied the area near the Kissufim checkpoint. Soldiers shot guns and tanks shot rockets near Palestinian homes and farms. Some Palestinians say that they are doing this as a fear-tactic to keep people in their homes. As this has become a normal occurrence, this time a bulldozer tore apart olive trees on a farm. Helicopters followed foot soldiers to support their endeavors on land. —as a form of resistance. For many of the communities we work with, simply remaining on their land in the face of intimidation, violence, economic strangulation, and a history of forced displacement, is an act … Continue reading

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25 May 2007

Five people were hospitalized as Israeli Apache helicopters fired a missile at their car. The people injured included women and children from the same family. Many supermarkets in Al Waahidat Street were also hit by the strikes. In An Nasr, men, women, children and the elderly live in constant fear of attack with the regular sound of planes and rockets flying overhead.

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25 May 2007

Ten days ago, Israeli Occupation soldiers closed the Rafah terminal checkpoint between the border of Egypt and the Gaza Strip. Currently over 1000 people are waiting in the terminal to pass through the checkpoint. Many are ill or injured and are being prevented from accessing the healthcare that they urgently require. Among the 1000 there are also Palestinian students who are trying to return to Egypt to complete their program of study.

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24 May 2007

Israeli Occupation Forces forces killed 30 year old fisherman Saeed Nade Alatar. An IOF ship fired rockets at Alatar as he was fishing off the shore of his hometown, the fishing village of Alwaha. Three months ago his mother was killed in a similar attack in Al Ferusya, North Gaza. This is only one episode in a series of criminal attacks by the Israeli Military on civilians in Gaza in the past 10 days.