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8 Feb 2007

Demonstrations continued today in Gaza City, including a teachers’ organization and youth demanding an end to the clashes between Fateh and Hamas. Demonstrators carried signs telling the fighters to put their weapons aside and look to the Israeli Occupation as the true cause of people’s suffering. Young people called for the end to Palestinian-on-Palestinian violence. Both the Fateh and Hamas political factions and other worker unions and organizations were represented in the demonstration. Civil workers, including teachers, have not been paid in over a year, since Hamas was democratically elected and Europe and America cut off aide to the Palestinian Authority, yet they still support a unity government including Hamas.

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25 Jan 2007

On January 23 an Israeli army tank and two bulldozers came to the land of Ahmed Mahmoud Qamir and destroyed his large and relatively productive farm. His house was also blown up by the Israeli Occupation Forces. The IOF told the family that the area was being used for cover by Palestinian fighters firing rockets at Israeli cities nearby, though there was no evidence of this and nothing was found in the area.

Since the Gaza “withdrawal” Israeli Occupation Forces have frequently entered Palestinian cities in Gaza and destroyed large tracts of land used by the people of Gaza for much-needed income and food. It is widely believed that this is part of an … Continue reading

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24 Dec 2006

In Wadi Ghaza, an area in the middle of the Gaza Strip near Al-Bureij, Palestinians are suffering from the sewage and polluted water that runs off from Israeli towns just outside the Strip. This has caused major health problems for Palestinians in the area, and the runoff has also caused severe environmental damage in this agricultural area, depriving the farmers of their livelihood. The Wadi Ghaza municipality sent samples of the polluted water to a laboratory for tests, which revealed that the water contained dangerous chemicals from Israeli chemical factories. The fact that this polluted water and sewage is being dumped illegally in the heavily populated Gaza Strip is a crime against the … Continue reading

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23 Nov 2006

Israeli Bulldozers Destroy Palestinian Farmland near Jabalia Refugee Camp

The Israeli occupation forces destroyed Palestinian farmland today near Jabalia Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip. Israeli bulldozers destroyed a large area planted with fruit trees and several greenhouses, while Israeli tanks fired ammunition and sound bombs so that the air was filled with bad-smelling smoke and the Palestinian residents could not see what the bulldozers were doing. This is part of an ongoing Israeli policy of destroying any sources of income within Gaza.

The Israeli soldiers also killed a 12-year-old boy, Iyad Muhammed Ibrahim, from Jabalia Refugee Camp. This Israeli aggression is part of an ongoing … Continue reading

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23 Nov 2006

The tragic scenes of Palestinian citizens crowding into the Rafah Border Crossing every day hoping to be allowed in or out of Gaza continue.

The Rafah Border Crossing is Gaza’s only connection with the outside world. The overcrowding created by the Israeli occupation forces’ refusal to open the crossing has brought harm and tragedy to many citizens, denying them their basic rights of freedom of movement. The prolonged closure of the crossing has prevented Gazan patients from traveling abroad for urgent medical treatment, and many patients have been stuck waiting at the crossing for days or weeks.

This inhumane and illegal closure violates all the Israeli-Palestinian agreements, and the humanitarian crisis at the crossing … Continue reading

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19 Nov 2006

Beit Hanoun, Gaza

At dawn on Wednesday November 8, 2006, the Israeli occupation forces committed a massacre against the Palestinian residents of Beit Hanoun, using planes and tanks. The army entered Beit Hanoun where it killed a number of martyrs* and injured other citizens. The occupation forces relied upon the help of tanks, military vehicles and helicopters to strengthen their assault. The helicopters fired dozens of missiles at the innocent civilians, killing children and fired more missiles at homes, using the excuse of the presence of resistance fighters, an illegitimate excuse the army often uses to kill innocent civilians, as later on, one could see ambulances carrying women and children having nothing to do with the Israeli government’s allegations. doctors working … Continue reading

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11 Nov 2006

This report comes from the resident of Beit Hanoun who sent us the first report about the Nov. 8th attack, he has now been able to provide us with the photographs.

The Al-’Athamina family in Beit Hanoun

Their houses were destroyed, their body parts were scattered, their blood drenched the ground. The children of Beit Hanoun cannot cry out to their fathers. The mothers scream for their children who were killed by the Israeli tanks. On Wednesday, 8 November 2006, the Israeli tanks fired 11 rockets on Hamad Street in Beit Hanoun. The shelling was aimed at three houses belonging to the Hamad, Abu ‘Odeh, and Al-’Athamina families. 20 people from these families were killed, … Continue reading

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4 Nov 2006

The reports from Gaza come to us late. Along with the water, the Israeli army cuts the electric whenever they please. When tanks invade the city, they bomb the streets, turning a once paved road into rubble and leaving it completely unusable. The people are not free to relax in an Internet cafe write reports, search websites or send emails to friends.

Such was the case in Khan Younis Refugee Camp. On 26/10/2006, the last day of the Eid celebration, the power was cut at 6am and the people heard the tanks and F16s approaching. The people know now that this is the signal to flee their homes to avoid the bombs and rockets. The … Continue reading

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24 Oct 2006

Rafah city, Gaza
Not one day passes in Rafah city without destruction and violence from the Israeli army. Homes are continued to be destroyed. Rockets are being fired into the city daily. Entire families have been killed. Yesterday alone, 8 people were killed in Gaza. 24 people were killed last week alone in Gaza, including a woman and children. The people here are suffering. 80% of households live in poverty. The uncertainty of what will come in the next moments, the lack of jobs and education, the loss of hope and obtainable dreams overwhelm the people. The army comes into Rafah daily. There is no escape from the brutality. The people of Gaza cry out for help, … Continue reading