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22 Dec 2006

A group of Israeli settlers from the Susia settlement attacked two Palestinians from the village of Susiya today. Aziz Musa and his brother, Muhammed Musa, were attacked by three settlers at about 10am when they were grazing their sheep. The settlers, who were carrying rifles and wearing masks, beat the brothers on their arms and legs, and then threatened them further and ordered them to leave the area. The settlers also beat several of the sheep before leaving and returning to the settlement.

Settler attacks are a frequent occurrence in this area, making it very dangerous for the Palestinian residents. PSP’s goal is to have a permanent international presence in Susiya to deter these … Continue reading

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25 Nov 2006

An Israeli settler named Ya’akov, together with other settlers from the Susiya settlement, has been plowing 300 dunams of land belonging to Palestinians from Imneizil, a small village near Susiya, for the past two weeks. One week ago, the Palestinian owners of the land came to plow and discovered that the settlers had already been working on the land and intending to take it over. When the Palestinians attempted to plow their land, Ya’akov ran in front of the tractor and lay down in front of it in order to prevent them from working. Ya’akov called the army who arrived and forbade the Palestinians from plowing their land.
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25 Nov 2006

Tuwani is a small Palestinian village south of Yatta, very near the Maon settlement. At 8am this morning a group of settlers carrying weapons came into the village and approached the house of Juma’a Nuwajah. They surrounded the house, shouted at Juma’a and his family, pointed their M16s at them, and threatened to occupy the house. Juma’a’s younger brother went out of the house to speak to the settlers and they hit him. The settlers called the army and a jeep arrived almost immediately and the soldiers began to yell at the Palestinians, ignoring the fact that the settlers had created the problem. More Palestinians arrived from the village, and more Israeli soldiers arrived, as well as Palestinians and internationals … Continue reading

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10 Nov 2006

This month, PSP will begin it’s olive harvest in the Betlehem and Hebron regions. We will focus on the village of Al-Jab’a who will attempt to plow land close to the settlement of Beit ‘Ain, the residents of which have terrorized the people of Al-Jab’a for years (please see previous reports from Jab’a). This land has not been plowed for over 7 years and belongs to five families. The last time the farmers attempted to plow this land, the settlers attacked them and set fire to their tractors. Therefore, PSP is COLLECTING MONEY to rent two tractors to work this land. International and Israeli activists will join with the PSP committee and the people of … Continue reading

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26 Oct 2006

Today, October 21, soldiers and settlers from Susiya settlement came with army- issued bulldozers and proceeded to destroy 150 Dunums (1 Dunum=1/4 acre) of olive groves belonging to the Palestinians. The groves belong to the families of Ashmasti, Abu Sopea and Asha Bin who live in Susiya bedouin camp. The families had planned to harvest these olives at the end of Ramadan, when they would be finished fasting and have more energy to work. Because of the economic crisis throughout Palestine, and the particularly difficult situation for small farming communities in this area which is the beginning of the Negev desert, the demolition of this land will have unbelievably devastating consequences for the people of Susiya, and their ability to … Continue reading

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22 Sep 2006

In the town Idhna, a couple of kilometers from Tarqumia, seventeen thousand from a total of thirty-six thousand dunums have already been confiscated. Twenty-one hundred people live in Idhna and they are completely dependent on their land to survive. In 2005 three thousand dunums were stolen from the village when Israel stated to build the wall. On the other side of the wall there are seven thousand olive trees that belong to the citizens of Idhna. They can’t get to their land. Fifty wells have been either destroyed or made inaccessible at the same time as the wall was being built. The wells are on land behind the wall.

Five thousand dunums have already been stolen to establish a “buffer zone” … Continue reading

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15 Sep 2006


On September 15, 2006, Palestinian and international activists, at request of local residents, removed and destroyed large sections of a razor wire barrier erected on Palestinian land in the Hebron region. The fence, which is designed to isolate and bisect a village, was repeatedly cut, metal stakes removed, and the razor wire ripped to be rendered unusable. The activists worked in teams, sabotaging the fence in many strategic areas. By the end of the action, the activists had destroyed large tracts of the barrier, and created more than six entry and exit points in the fence, allowing the residents of this village to move more freely. Each entry/exit point created spanned more than seven … Continue reading