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25 May 2015
Palestinian Boy (10) Critically Injured by Rubber Bullet in Jerusalem

A Palestinian child was critically injured after Israeli forces shot him with a rubber-coated steel bullet near the Shufat refugee camp on Thursday, witnesses said. Yahiya Sami al-Amudi, 10, was walking near a checkpoint by the East Jerusalem refugee camp when he was shot by the bullet. He was taken to the Hadassa hospital in Ein Karem with a fractured skull, jaw, and left ear and had surgery to remove his left eye. Medics said he is in a critical condition. 

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20 Mar 2013
Samer Issawi Will Not Leave His Home

Recently the Israeli occupation forces offered a voluntary deportation to the famous hunger striker Samer Issawi. The Israeli’s offered to deport Samer to Gaza, the systematic removal of Palestinians from Palestine is a crime, and therefore he refused the Israeli offer. Samer is from East Jerusalem and told the Israeli’s that he would only agree to be released back to his home in Jerusalem. Samer decision to refuse the offer is a testament to the strength and reliance of the Palestinian hunger strikers. “I would prefer to die in a hospital bed than be deported from Jerusalem.” Samer, a religious man, believes his soul is in Jerusalem and is willing … Continue reading

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8 Mar 2013
Friday Prayers Attacked

Tensions were high in Jerusalem today, Israeli police fired stun grenades at Palestinian worshipper’s in the old city close to AL-Aqsa Mosque. Violence between worshippers and Israeli police broke out when some Palestinian started throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at the soldiers after Friday prayers in Jerusalem’s Old City. Around fifty Israeli military police surrounded Damascus gate the entrance to the Muslim quarter of the old city. Officers entered the the politically charged area which is home to one of Islam’s holiest sites. Palestinian media said at least 15 protesters were injured.

Palestinian media sources say that the violence in Jerusalem … Continue reading

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18 Feb 2013
PSP Statement Regarding Samer Issawi and Palestinian Prisoners

For years, we have been trying to raise the world’s awareness about the barbaric and unjust fate of the Palestinian political prisoners. The latter, that Israel attempts to destroy by means of torture and imprisonment under horrible conditions, have been resisting for decades. Not less than 800,000 Palestinians, men, women and children, went through the Israeli jails since the occupation in June 1967. With regard to the size of the Palestinian population, that would mean the equivalent of 15 million French or British citizens being jailed during the same period!
Did you know that when a Palestinian prisoner dies in an Israeli jail (and there are many), most of the time his corpse is not given back to his family before … Continue reading

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22 Aug 2012
Beit Ommar Resident Beaten as he Goes to Mosque

Local resident Thaer Mohammed Awad was beaten by Israeli soldiers on Tuesday, August 14, 2012, as he headed to Jerusalem to pray.

The 23 year old was walking to Temple Mount, on the holy Muslim holiday when he was attacked by the soldiers.

After being thrown from a two meter wall, breaking bones and severely cutting his feet, the man was continually beaten despite his screams to ‘stop’. Soldiers then continued to further humiliate the man by making him crawl a distance of fifty meters on his hands and feet. Witnesses to the attack called the ambulance, which transported the man to Hussein Hospital in Beit Jala, where he is now being treated for his fractures.

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30 Mar 2012
Marking Land Day in Beit Ommar, 30 March 2012

Today, March 30th, 2012, demonstrations took place all over Palestine commemorating Land Day. On March 30, 1976, thousands of Palestinians gathered to protest Israeli government plans to confiscate 60,000 dunams of Arab-owned land in the Galilee. Israeli forces killed six Palestinians that day, and wounded and jailed hundreds. Palestinians continue to mark this day to protest the ongoing expropriation of Palestinian land.

In Beit Ommar, a peaceful demonstration took place at the entrance of the town, which is located on Route 60. Before reaching the gates of the town, which were closed by the Israeli military to keep people from … Continue reading

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18 Aug 2009

On Monday August 17th, Governor Mike Huckabee attended a dinner with right-wing Israeli officials at the Shepherds Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem. The Shepherd’s Hotel was an Arab-run hotel that was bought over by Jewish-American millionaire Irving Moskowitz in 1985. Since then, plans to build another Jewish settlement on the site of the hotel in the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah have been underway. Mike Huckabee was here supporting the settler movement, claiming that Israel had the right to build wherever they wanted in their own country, even when East Jerusalem is acknowledged internationally as the occupied capital of a future Palestinian state.

Peace Now, an Israeli organization fighting against settlements in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, … Continue reading

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2 Aug 2009


The evacuation of two Palestinian families from the homes in the disputed East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah on Sunday drew a slew of condemnations.

The neighborhood was at the center of escalating tensions between Israel and the U.S. last month, when Israel’s plan to build some 20 new apartments there was revealed. The U.S. has demanded that the project be halted, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said two weeks ago that “Israel will not agree to edicts of this kind in East Jerusalem.”

The evacuation comes after a decision by the High Court of Justice last week, which ruled that the homes belong to Jewish families.

Robert Serry, the United Nations envoy to the Middle East, criticized the evacuation of … Continue reading

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2 Aug 2009

At approximately 5:30 am this morning, Sunday, August 2, a truckload of heavily armored police raided the homes of the Hanoun and Al- Ghawe families in Sheikh Jarrah, evicting the families and international and Israeli solidarity activists staying there. After months of legal haggling and eviction order after eviction order, the final eviction was carried out very quickly. Israeli police blasted open the gate to the two homes, blew open the doors and broke holes in the windows. Within minutes, large forces entered the house, ordering the family members and international and Israeli activists out at gunpoint. Those that refused the orders were dragged out by force. Reportedly 7 international activists and 1 Israeli activist … Continue reading

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1 Aug 2009

Settler violence continued in Sheik Jarrah this week when a settler
attacked Samar Al Sabach, a Palestinian woman who was staying in the Sheik Jarrah tent just below the Sfaradim settlement. The settler first came to the Hanoun house, which is currently under threat of eviction and has been a leader in the campaign against evictions in Sheik Jarrah. After being scared off by a large crew of family members, neighbors and solidarity activists, the settler retreated to the Sheik Jarrah tent, a community center just below the Sfaradim settlement, former home of the Al Kurd family. The settler found Samar alone in the tent and attacked her, beating her over the head with a rock. Samar has been hospitalized, and … Continue reading