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5 Jan 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008. Israeli soldiers opened fire on Palestinians on their way to Friday prayer seriously injuring Nablus resident Ahmad Mohammad Abu Hantash in the head. The incident happened at noon as worshipers were heading to Al Shuhada Mosque in the western part of Nablus. As worshipers were entering the mosque an Israeli armored vehicle opened fire hitting Mr. Abu Hantash in the back of his head with three rubber-coated metal bullets causing extensive damage to his brain and neck. He is currently undergoing surgery in Nablus Specialty Hospital located near the mosque in an effort to save his life. Several witnesses say that the shooting was unprovoked and expressed their anger and frustration for the Israeli Army … Continue reading

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28 Dec 2007

A group of Israelis, including activists from Anarchists Against Walls, joined by internationals from PSP, took part in a critical mass demonstration in Tel Aviv last night, December 27, 2007. Bicyclists rallied at Rabin Square in Central Tel Aviv and took to the streets. Between forty and fifty cyclists rode through the streets bringing traffic in this busy center to a near standstill. Demonstrators passed out fliers and chanted slogans protesting the restriction of free movement of Palestinians in the West Bank and the embargo on Gaza. The demonstration, which lasted around an hour, ended with no injuries or arrests.

Road blocks, closures, checkpoints, and detours prevent freedom of movement for … Continue reading

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12 Dec 2007

Yesterday morning at approximately 8 am the Kabaja’ family was informed that their small home was to be demolished for a second time. Israeli Occupation Forces accompanied the bulldozer and arrested two sons, Ali and Omar, aged 19 and 20. The demolition was part of a series of devastating demolitions throughout Israel and Occupied Jerusalem; over 25 homes in the Negev desert were also demolished yesterday. The demolitions of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem, particularly in the Old City and nearby areas, are part of a much wider concerted effort on the part of the Israeli government to force Palestinian residents to leave Jerusalem and to “judaicize” the city. The … Continue reading

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25 Oct 2007

Palestine Solidarity Project has received a report from a prisoner, Ma’moun, from inside Ketziot prison three days after prison guards attacked several prisoners and killed one. Ma’moun was being held in the same tent block as Mohammed Al-Ashkar who was fatally wounded during the attack. Ketziot is made up of nearly 100 “blocks”, each block is a walled-in open courtyard, divided into quadrants with three tents in each quadrant. Each tent holds 20 people, with 240 people total in each block. Here is Ma’moun’s account of what happened early Monday morning:

At approximately 2 am Israeli prison guards entered the tents in the block and began searching them. When … Continue reading

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6 Aug 2007

On August 3 at 9am Israeli Occupation Forces closed down the streets in an area in Burqa, a village north of Nablus. They shot at homes before invading them and ordering the residents outside. Using police dogs, the soldiers then ransacked peoples homes and kidnapped 8 men. In a particularly brutal fashion, soldiers put hoods over the men and tied them together with a crude rope. The men taken were: Najood Abu Omar, Tariq Saif, Amin Jamal ‘Itsougi, Tamir Dagalus, Nadeem ‘Omar, Habib Jaffer, Samir Abdullah, and Samir Ahmed. Their families were not given any information about why they were being taken or to where. All of … Continue reading

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19 Jul 2007

This morning Israeli Occupation forces invaded the village of Zawata, near Nablus. Israeli tanks and jeeps were used to close the street and residents were forced to stay in their homes for several hours as Israeli forces demolished the home of the Anatur family. Residents called an ambulance, fearing the soldiers would use violence against residents, but the ambulance was prevented from reaching the area. After the demolition, Israeli forces disguised as Palestinians, arrested Abu Jihad Anatur, 21, who was a relative of the family whose home was demolished.