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1 Jul 2011
Live Ammunition Fired at Shuqba Demonstration

On 1st July 2011 demonstrators from Shuqba, Ni’ilin, and other surrounding villages in the Ramallah District gathered for the 4th demonstration in recent weeks. The group included about 50 Palestinians, 2 Israelis, and 3 Internationals. A rock quarry that was constructed as part of an Israeli settlement on Shuqba farmland formerly containing olive trees was the target of the demonstration. As the participants descended down a steep rocky hill adjacent to the quarry, Israeli military began to fire volleys of tear gas into the crowd. Dozens of canisters were fired over the course of an hour, igniting fires that scorched large swaths of land surrounding the quarry and continued to burn even after the demonstration ended.
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17 Jun 2011
2 Shot with Live Ammunition, Regional Leader Arrested in Deir Qaddis

Demonstrations began again this week in Deir Qaddis, a small town in the Ramallah district, against the expansion of the Nili settlement onto village land. Residents, joined by Palestinian activists from nearby Ni’lin and Budrus, as well as Israeli and international solidarity activists, have successfully stopped the bulldozers destroying village lands in successive demonstrations. On Wednesday, June 15, two residents, aged 22 and 24 were shot with live ammunition by Israeli forces who invaded the village following protesters retreating after having stopped the bulldozers for nearly an hour. While a small group of residents and activists sat in front of a bulldozer, Mohammed Amireh, member of … Continue reading

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3 Sep 2010
Protesters Rally Against "Peace Talks" in Al Ma'asara, Ramallah, Washington DC

A crowd of around thirty protesters gathered in al-Ma’asara today in protest of the direct negotiations that began Tuesday between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The demonstrators marched from the center of the village to the main road waving Palestinian flags and carrying a large banner that read “No Peace Show, We Want Justice, Freedom and International Law.” The protesters were met at the main road by five army jeeps filled with Israeli soldiers who immediately began throwing sound grenades at their feet. The soldiers pushed the demonstrators back about 30 feet, throwing dozens of sound grenades and some tear gas into the crowd. Demonstrators chanted against the … Continue reading