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14 Nov 2010
5 International Activists Arrested, 1 Injured As Army Prevents Farmers From Working Their Land in Saffa

5 international activists were arrested this morning while accompanying farmers to their land in the Saffa region of Beit Ommar. For the third time this week a group of about 10 Palestinian and international activists accompanied Sheik Muhammad Aady to his land near the Bat Ayn settlement. The army has been preventing the farmers in Saffa from accessing the land, which is marked for annexation.

The volunteers worked for nearly an hour clearing the land before they were stopped by a group of soldiers. The soldiers informed the group that they were all under arrest, took the IDs of several of the activists, and escorted … Continue reading

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13 Nov 2010
Soldiers Shoot Tear Gas at Farmers in Saffa

Soldiers shot tear gas at farmers in Saffa today as they attempt to work their land near the Bat Ayn settlement. A group of about 30 Palestinian, international and Israeli activists accompanied Sheik Mohammad Aady to his land on the hillside opposite Bat Ayn, which has been marked for annexation by the settlement. The group marched to the land waving Palestinian flags and carrying signs. They worked for an hour, tilling the land and setting small fires to clear the brush.

Soldiers gathered at the top of the hill above the activists, and two jeeps parked on the road at the bottom … Continue reading

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10 Nov 2010
Saffa Farmers Prevented From Working Their Land, Threatened with Arrest

Farmers in the Saffa valley were prevented by the Israeli military from working on their land Tuesday morning. Ali Ahmed Thalj Aady and Hani Nimr Aady went out with their families to work on their land at 8 am, when they were stopped by a group of Israeli soldiers. The soldiers prevented them from working on the land, and detained them in the sun without water for 5 hours. The farmers were told that the land is “unregistered,” and that if they return they will be arrested.

The incident came on the heels of the arrest of 6 international activists this past Sunday as they accompanied farmers to their land in Saffa. The internationals were also told that they were … Continue reading

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7 Nov 2010
6 International Activists Arrested Accompanying Farmers in Saffa

6 international solidarity activists were arrested this afternoon while accompanying farmers to their land in Saffa, near the illegal Bat Ayn settlement. A group of 8 international activists along with 3 Palestinian members of the Palestine Solidarity Project accompanied the Aady family to their land on the hillside opposite Bat Ayn, on the outskirts of the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar. The land is marked for annexation by the settlement, and is frequently subject to settler violence.

After three hours of work the group was preparing to leave when they were stopped by 4 soldiers. The soldiers informed the group that they were not allowed to leave the area, … Continue reading

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15 Oct 2010
Farmers Continue to Work in Saffa Valley

On Thursday, October 14th a Palestinian farmer from Saffa, accompanied by members of the National Committee in Beit Ommar along with international solidarity activists, cleared brush on his land near the Israeli settlement of Beit Ayn. Farmers in the Saffa Valley are preparing the land to plant several thousand trees in December to keep the land from being annexed to settlement.

After about an hour or working, two Israeli soldiers appeared at the top of the hill, about 150 meters away from where the group was working. They shouted at the farmers to stop working the land and to come towards the soldiers. The … Continue reading

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3 Oct 2010
Saffa Campaign Begins!

On Sunday, October 3, 2010, farmers from Saffa, accompanied by international and Israeli solidarity activists, worked their lands near the illegal Israeli settlement of Bat Ayn. The Palestine Solidarity Project has organized a campaign in the Saffa Valley to support the farmers every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday over the next couple of months as they clear their lands in preparation for planting. Over the last several years, the farmers have been harassed by settlers from Bat Ayn or prevented from reaching their lands by the Israeli military.

This past Sunday, on the first day of the campaign, farmers cleared the land by burning and … Continue reading

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24 Jun 2010
Settlers Attack Saffa in "Price Tag" Campaign

On the morning of June 23rd, 2010 Jewish settlers rioted and attacked Palestinian property in the neighbourhood of Saffa, Beit Ommar. On the most recent example of the so-called ‘price tag’ policy, dozens of residents of the illegal settlement of Bat Ayn attempted to set fire to private Palestinian land before throwing stones and bottles at nearby houses.

Israeli soldiers began firing tear-gas canisters and stun grenades after awoken Saffa residents had gathered around dawn, lightly injuring a number of Palestinians. Members of the Beit Ommar National Committee and Palestine Solidarity Project arrived in Saffa shortly after and recorded the incident.

The more radical of Israel’s 500,000 settlers in the … Continue reading

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15 May 2010
A Story from Saffa

By Robert B.

Souad lives in the beautiful village of Saffa, next to Beit Ommar and close by the path of the Annexation Barrier. From her house in the village it is only a short walk to her land – an entire, rolling hillside, the summit of which has been stolen by the Jewish colony/settlement of Bat Eyn. No fence separates her fields and terraces from the settlement: Bat Ayn is one of only two colonies without such a fence in the entire West Bank, designed to make it easier, without a defining border, to make future land grabs.

The title deeds to Souad’s hillside have been in her family for over … Continue reading

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10 Apr 2010
Update: All Palestinians Arrested in Saffa Released on Bail

11 Arrested, Including 2 Palestinians from PSP, in Saffa Protest Against Settlement Expansion

Saturday afternoon a group of around 50 farmers and residents of Saffa attempted to remove a stone and concrete structure erected on their land by settlers from Bat Ayn. The farmers were accompanied by members of PSP, the National Committee of Beit Ommar, Israeli activists and members of the international press.

On arrival at the structure, which was being guarded by 3 jeeps of soldiers of Israeli army, the Palestinians began to take the structure down. The soldiers forced the farmers away from the site into nearby trees where a number of the group sat down and refused to move from their land. Continue reading

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13 Mar 2010
Bat 'Ayn Settlers Again Set Fire to Trees in Saffa

On March 11, 2010 at about 19:00 settlers from Bat Ayn set fire to trees in the valley below the neighborhood of Saffa, Bait Ommar. Members of the National Committee from Bait Ommar arrived in Saffa shortly after and attempted to record the incident. Two members were detained briefly by the Israeli Occupation Forces when they attempted to photograph the fires and were released.

Villagers tried to descend into the valley to put out the fires but were prevented from doing so and were met with tear gas from the Israeli occupation soldiers. A fire engine was also unable to deal with the fires.

Palestine Solidarity Project, along with Rabbis … Continue reading