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22 Feb 2010
Military Invasion of Saffa Leads to Child's Hospitalization

On Saturday, February 20, several jeeps of the Israeli Military entered Saffa, near Beit Ommar, in the middle of the day. While some youth began throwing stones at the jeeps, Israeli soldiers inexplicably began throwing and shooting tear gas canisters inside the nearby homes, breaking windows in the process and punishing the people who were remaining in their homes during the incursion, particularly women and children. One small child, who had a preexisting heart condition had to be rushed to a hospital by ambulance after having severe breathing problems due to the … Continue reading

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15 Feb 2010
Reclaiming Land, One Tree at a Time

On Saturday, February 13, 2010, a group of farmers from Beit Ommar and Saffa were accompanied by members of the Beit Ommar popular committee, Palestine Solidarity Project under the new Center for Freedom and Justice of Beit Ommar, and international and Israeli solidarity activists to march into the valley below Saffa, which has been under threat of confiscation through settler violence and the Israeli military declaring the entire area a closed military zone in perpetuity.
PSP had organized a series of tree-plantings along with Israeli anti-occupation activists last month. The Israeli military attempted to prevent the tree-plantings and went so far as to announce they would … Continue reading

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4 Feb 2010
New Saffa Update: Land Was NOT Declared 'State Land'...Yet

Update: Preliminary research done by Peace Now has revealed that the area in which farmers from Saffa planted trees (to replace what was destroyed by settlers from Bat ‘Ayn) that the Israeli military announced it would uproot last week was not registered as Israeli ‘state land’ in the 1970′s as they previously claimed. They are, however, in the process of declaring it state land, a legal maneuver to confiscate the land from the Palestinians who have been using it since the before the creation of the state of Israel.

Update February 1, 2010: Farmers Prevented from Accessing Land Ahead of Uprooting

On Saturday, January 30, a group of farmers from Beit Ommar and Saffa, including those from the Thalji family whose … Continue reading

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28 Jan 2010
Order to Uproot Trees

Today, January 28, at approximately 10:30am Israeli soldiers and representatives of the Civil Administration (the liason body between the Israeli military and Palestinian civilians) approached farmers from the ‘Adi and Soleiby farmers in the Saffa area of Beit Ommar and handed them a military order that stated their intention to uproot trees the farmers had planted two weeks ago as part of PSP’s massive replanting Saffa project. The order stated that the farmers had planted these trees on Israeli-owned state lands and they had 48 hours to appeal in Israeli civilian court.

Lawyers with Rabbis for Human Rights, who also supported and participated in the re-planting Saffa campaign investigated the issue and found that the Israeli government claimed it had … Continue reading