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2 Mar 2007

Today over 300 people from the village of Um Salamuna gathered after friday’s prayer and marched down the settler road between Efrat and Tekoa settlements to their land. As they marched Palestinians, Internationals, and Israeli demonstrators blocked settlers’ cars and Israeli military jeeps in protest of the confiscation of their land for the construction of the Annexation Wall. People in the march celebrated when Rashid Mahmoud Takatka who was arrested while blocking the bulldozers last tuesday, drove up to the demonstrators, having just been released from prison. The people of Um Salamuna and the neighboring village of Wadi an-Nis, along with International and Israeli activists, have been confronting the … Continue reading

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28 Feb 2007

Today 5 internationals and 6 Israelis joined Palestinians to stop the bulldozing on the land of Um Salamuna near the village of Wadi an-Nis. The internationals and Israelis along with 2 Palestinians from PSP climbed on top of a Caterpillar bulldozer when it was stopped for a break. For over 2 hours Israeli and International activists prevented that bulldozer from working. Another bulldozer was stopped when Palestinian, international and Israeli activists stood in front of it for some time.

After 2 hours, 10 soldiers from the Israeli Occupation Forces along with Israeli Military Police and the private security for the bulldozers pulled the international … Continue reading

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27 Feb 2007

Over 40 Palestinians from Um Salamuna and Wadi An Nis, joined by PSP Palestinian and international activists, gathered yesterday to resist the bulldozing of their land by the Israeli Occupation Forces in preparation for the Annexation Wall. A group made up of mostly older men and women non-violently blocked three bulldozers from uprooting their olive groves. The IOF used extreme force, beating men and women with rifle butts and wooden and metal batons to move them away from the bulldozers.

The head of the city council, Mahmoud Takatka and his son, Rashid Mahmoud Takatka, were arrested for attempting to stop the bulldozers from destroying their family’s grove. Rashid was badly beaten … Continue reading

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23 Feb 2007

This morning when residents of Um Salamuna went out to work their land, they were greeted by soldiers from the Israeli Occupation Forces who informed them that they would not be allowed on their land today because Israeli engineers had to survey it and mark the path for the pending construction of the Wall. Two engineers, accompanied by six soldiers and two private security guards tramped through the family’s grape orchard marking the Wall’s proposed path with blue spray-paint.

The residents of Um Salamuna had a pending court case in the Israeli Supreme Court contesting the path of The Wall. The IOF was ordered not to commence any work on … Continue reading

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2 Feb 2007

Today, the people of Um Salamuna and Wadi An-Nis were again accompanied by International and Israeli activists as they demonstrated against the theft of their land for the construction of the Apartheid Wall. Every week for the past 5 weeks the people of this area have been praying on their land in defiance of the Israeli governments’ attempt to confiscate it. The people of Um Salamuna and the surrounding area plan to continue their demonstrations using a variety of tactics in an attempt to prevent the loss of their lands.

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26 Jan 2007

Today, PSP and other international and Israeli activists joined over 400 people in celebrating the wedding of Mohamed Brajegeli from Wadi an Nis, a village near Um Salamuna, on the land that is being confiscated for the construction of the Apartheid Wall and terminal. The people from Wadi an Nis and Um Salamuna have been demonstrating here weekly, with hundreds of people peacefully gathering.

Men and Women of all ages came to today’s demonstration, including elderly farmers who will be losing all of their agricultural land either by the bulldozers or by annexation to the illegal settlement Efrat, nearby. The people … Continue reading

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17 Jan 2007

This Friday, January 19th, at 11am, the people of Um Salamuna will be joined by Palestinian activists from PSP committees in neighboring villages as well as international and Israeli activists as they again demonstrate against the construction of the Apartheid Wall on their land. The people will gather at the edge of the village and proceed to the land currently being bulldozed for Friday’s prayer.

In a demonstration Monday, two people were injured when the Israeli Army beat peaceful demonstrators. Yesterday, the head of the city council in Um Salamuna said that they would continue to peacefully demonstrate so that “the world knows that we want peace and they are stealing our land.”

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29 Nov 2006

Um Salamuna is a village of about 2,000 residents in the Bethlehem district next to the second biggest Israeli settlement in the West Bank, Efrat, and another settlement called Migdal Oz. On 23 November 2006, the Israeli occupation authorities came to a part of the village called Wadi Dumbak and informed the Takartra and ‘Issa families that their land would be expropriated for a new checkpoint and tunnel that will be part of the Apartheid Wall. The families, who depend on agriculture to survive, will lose all of their land – some 300 dunams currently planted with olive, peach, and grape trees. Seven extended families, numbering some 300 people in all, will be … Continue reading