Join PSP

Join us in Palestine!
We are happy you are interested in volunteering with PSP. Please take a moment to review this page to make sure you fit with PSP principles and to get basic information on how to join us.

Guidelines for Being a PSP Volunteer:

  1. You should be over the age of 18.
  2. You should agree to our principles (see below)
  3. You must go through our training (held in Beit Ommar)
  4. It is recommended that you have prior activist experience in non-violent direct action, but if you don’t, come ready to learn!

Our Principles:

  • All internationals agree to respect traditional Palestinian culture. For example, internationals will dress appropriately (long-sleeves for women, no shorts or skirts, loose-fitting), not engage in sexual activity, drink alcohol or use drugs while volunteering with PSP.
  • We must agree to be led by our Palestinian committee. Your views, ideas, and creativity are wanted and needed; but final decisions about what actions or activities we make are decided by the Palestinian committee.
  • We agree to respect each other at all times. We as internationals agree not to act in racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic ways, even if we encounter these behaviors within Palestinian society.
  • We agree that our purpose in joining PSP is to be of service to Palestinian communities in resistance. We are willing to put the needs of the Palestinian communities ahead of our personal projects or aims when possible.
  • We must be committed to using only non-violent methods to demonstrate. This means not using aggressive physical force against anyone.

So HOW Do You Join Us?
We ask that you please fill out a quick questionnaire so that we can together decide if PSP is the right project for you. This is useful to all of us. We want to make sure that everyone who comes to join PSP has a positive experience and we recognize that not everyone is a good fit within our framework.

Please look at our questionnaire page and fill out the information as directed.

Israel controls all borders to Palestine. Therefore, you are required to go through Israeli security to get to Palestine, whether you are traveling through Tel Aviv or Jordan.

PLEASE NOTE: The Israeli security has had a policy of denying entry to internationals they believe to be pro-Palestinian activists. Carrying materials that indicate this (such as any PSP materials, books with a particular political tilt, or even Arabic language books) often leads to extra questioning and possibly denial of entry. They will almost certainly search your bags.

Almost every international who tells the Israeli security that their intention is to join a Palestinian solidarity group, or that they intend to stay in the West Bank or Gaza is denied entry. Therefore, most activists emphasize their other reasons for visiting, such as their religious ties to the land, visiting historical sites, or just taking a vacation, and do not mention Palestinians.

Being caught lying to Israeli officials will also almost certainly get your entry denied. If you are denied entry in Tel Aviv they will take you into detention and will put you on a plane back to where you came from originally. If you are denied entry in Jordan, they will make you turn back to Jordan.

Flying into Tel Aviv:
If you are coming through Tel Aviv, take a regular sheirut (shared van-taxi) to Jerusalem. We suggest finding a hostel ahead of time, preferably in East Jerusalem and going there.

When you arrive in Jerusalem, CALL US At: 0598-139-590. We will give you directions to Beit Ommar, and information on when you can get training.

Note on training: PSP is a small organization so we hold trainings on an as-needed basis at this time.

How Long Should You Plan on Coming?
We suggest planning your entire stay in Palestine to be no shorter than 2 weeks. In PSP, we generally have 3-4 demonstrations or accompaniment actions a week.

What Should You Bring?

  • Clothes:
    You should bring clothes that are easily-cleaned; long-sleeved shirts and pants (not shorts). For women, excess jewelry or make-up is not advised.

    Be aware that in the winter months it is often cold and rainy. An extra pair of shoes is also suggested. Everything should be comfortable and easy to move in. Be sure your shirts are not see-through or too short so that your back shows when you sit down!

  • Other:
    You do not need any heavy camping equipment, water purifiers, etc. You will be staying in an International Apartment. Water in Palestine is generally very good. Bring everything you would anticipate needing in a desert climate: jacket for the evening, sunscreen, and bug repellent.

    Expect to spend between 200-400 shekels weekly (roughly 45-90 USD). The most expensive things are phone cards and transportation. Traveling back and forth between regions is the greatest expense. We recommend if you plan to stay more than 4 days that you buy a used mobile phone, it helps immensely. These cost generally around 150 shekels and we can assist you in purchasing one.

    You will not pay for housing while you are working with PSP. However, you will be responsible for your own food and we do suggest volunteers contribute to the electricity, water and gas bills for the International Apartment.