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10 Mar 2014
An 18 year old boy was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers, nearby the settlement of Ofra

An 18 year old boy was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers, nearby the settlement of Ofra – East of Ramallah. Palestinian ambulances transferred the body of the young martyr Saji Sayel Darwish to a Palestinian hospital in Ramallah. According to local sources he studied at the faculty of informatics at Bir Zeit University. The official news agency ‘Wafa’ declared that accordingly security sources the Israeli soldiers opened fire at a group of youngsters at the territory of the village of Peten nearby the monastery Debwan, which lead to the martyrdom of this young man. 


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10 Mar 2014
Suspend the Israeli Football Association's FIFA membership


Membership of the Israeli Football Association (IFA) should be suspended until Israel respects the human rights of Palestinians and observes international law, thus enabling Palestinian footballers to play and compete nationally and internationally.

Since 1967, Israel has maintained a brutal military occupation of Palestine, building illegal settlements and a separation wall on stolen land, despite condemnation by the UN and International Court of Justice. Within Israel, over fifty laws discriminate against its Palestinian citizens. When influential sports organizations say nothing in the face of an injustice of such magnitude they are complicit.

Commercial and cultural actions worldwide are increasingly demanding an end to Israel’s repressive policies.

It is now time for sports … Continue reading

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9 Mar 2014
The Fourth Women's Conference Resist for Chance Marking

The Fourth Women’s Conference Resist for Chance Marking

Today is an important day in any part of the world. In Palestine, it cannot be different. And in the 103rd international woman’s day, we have had The Fourth Women’s Conference Resist for Chance Marking in Beit Ummar.
In 8th of march, Palestinians and women from many countries have got together to discuss the woman situation in Palestine. As … Continue reading

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18 Feb 2014
Excerpt: Water Torture for the Palestinians

from Haaretz. The full article by Amira Hass can be found here

So here are the facts:

* Israel doesn’t give water to the Palestinians. Rather, it sells it to them at full price.

* The Palestinians would not have been forced to buy water from Israel if it were not an occupying power which controls their natural resource, and if it were not for the Oslo II Accords, which limit the volume of water they can produce, as well as the development and maintenance of their water infrastructure.

* This 1995 interim agreement was supposed to lead to a permanent arrangement after five years. The Palestinian negotiators deluded themselves that they would gain sovereignty and thus control over their water resources.

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2 Feb 2014
Palestinians Found Melih Al Ard, Al Awda Protest Camps Against Israeli Annexation in Jordan Valley

UPDATE: Israeli forces attempted to remove activists from Melih Al Ard last night, but were repulsed by the activists, according to Ma’an News.

On January 31, 2014, a group of over 300 Palestinians and their supporters reclaimed an ancient Canaanite village, Ein Hijleh, and renamed it “Melh Al Ard” or Salt of the Earth. These actions, coordinated with Popular Committees and activist groups from across the West Bank and ’48 territories, were founded as a protest against Israel’s ongoing confiscation and demolition of Palestinian homes and land in the Jordan Valley, and their position in the Kerry-led “negotiations” to retain the Jordan Valley in any future “peace agreement”. Today a second camp named “Al Awda” or “Return” was founded … Continue reading