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8 Jul 2013
Breaking News: Activist Ahmed Abu Hashem and Son Mohammed Brutally Beaten and Arrested by Israeli Forces

Contact: Mousa Abu Maria (English and Arabic): 0598-139-590

At approximately 2am in Palestine, 15 Jeeps of Israeli forces invaded Beit Ommar, seeking to arrest the son of Ahmed Abu Hashem, an active member of the Beit Ommar Popular Committee and PSP. Just yesterday, at approximately 1pm Palestine time, Ahmed’s daughter-in-law and niece of PSP Co-founder, Yasmin Abu Maria, gave birth to a baby girl. When the Israeli military forced their way into Ahmed’s home, they entered to room of the newly-recuperating mother and her young daughter with weapons drawn, terrifying the young family. When Ahmed tried to intervene to protect his daughter-in-law and new granddaughter he was attacked and violently beaten by Israeli forces. Ahmed … Continue reading

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15 Apr 2013
Former Hunger Striker Arrested Once Again

Tha’er Halahlah, the famous Palestinian (former) hunger striker, has once again been arrested by the Israeli Occupation Forces.

Halahlah participated in a hunger strike in protest of his administrative detention, without charge and trial, by the Israeli Occupation Forces. After 77 days without food, he was finally released on the 5th of June, 2012. He had been imprisoned for almost three years.

Halahlah has previously told PSP that by his 60th day without food, he had began to believe he would die, and by his 70th day, he had lost hope that he would ever see his family again. Halahlah’s wife described the days of his strike as the most difficult moments of her life, explaining that she was constantly worried about … Continue reading

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28 Oct 2012

Even though the economic conditions of Palestinians are becoming worse day by day, Israeli occupation military courts continue to impose heavier fines and bails on the Palestinian prisoners, especially children and youth. These fines and bails constitute a public punishment for the prisoners and their families.

This brutal practice is not in accordance with international law which states that prisoners must get a just judgement even in the occupation courts.

By imposing such heavy fines and bails, the Israeli occupation courts aim at discouraging young Palestinians from taking part in the non violent popular resistance and ultimately to abandon it. These military procedures are also used as a source of income for the Israeli occupation legal system.

PSP take the responsibility of raising … Continue reading

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6 Oct 2012
The Freedom Bus Rides to Beit Ommar

On Thursday 27th of September the Center for Freedom and Justice and Palestine Solidarity Project got a visit from the Freedom Bus, an initiative of the Freedom Theatre in Jenin. The Freedom Bus is a solidarity ride through occupied Palestine.

The visitors, from Sweden, Germany, the United States amongst other countries, met members of the Popular Committee in Beit Ommar and international activists at the Center for Freedom and Justice. They got a brief lecture about the village by the executive manager of the center, Younes Arar who told them about the historically Beit Ommar and the six colonies surrounding the village. The visitors learned more about the weekly demonstrations arranged by the popular committee in Beit Ommar and the … Continue reading

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4 Oct 2012

This is a video from the night raid where the Israeli occupation forces arrested Hamza Ahmed Khalil Abu Hashem(14). The video shows the violent nature of the Israeli night raids and child arrests.

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29 Sep 2012
Peaceful Weekly Demonstration Against Israeili Colonies in Front of Karmei Tsur.

A group of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists gathered to demonstrate peacefully in front of the colony Karmei Tsur Saturday, September 29. When they entered the fields in front of the settlement a large group of soldiers from the Israeli occupation forces were blocking the roads and the agricultural fields, claiming that it was a closed military zone. Even though they were more than a hundred meters from the fence and barb wire separating the protesters from the private Palestinian land stolen and annexed by Israel.

On the other side of the fence Israeli colonists gathered to witness the demonstration, further demonstrating to the Palestinians how the occupation treats Palestinians as second class citizens. Obstructed as they are from entering their … Continue reading

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11 Sep 2012
Israeli Night Raid in Beit Ommar: Two Arrested

On Monday, 10th September, Israeli soldiers entered the village of Beit Ommar and raided Palestinian homes at 03.30 at night.

It was reported by local Palestinians that the Israeli occupation forces brought seven military jeeps and three big wagons for prisoner transport. The soldiers arrested two Palestinian youths; Ibrahem Mohammad Hussein Adi (age 19) and Mohammad Ayman Ikhleyal (age 18).

They were both arrested in their homes with their families as witnesses. Neither of them has been arrested before and the soldiers did not give any reason for the arrests or information about where the youths were taken.

Ibrahem is a university student and Mohammad is in school, but it is … Continue reading

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29 Aug 2012
Two Beit Ommar Youths Arrested in Night Raid

At 04:00AM on Tuesday, 28th August 2012, Israeli soldiers raided homes in Beit Ommar and arrested two Palestinian youths. The victims were Mohamed Awad, 13, and Moayad Al Teer, 19. Witnesses report that six military jeeps took part in the raids, in which the boys were taken to an unknown location. Both boys are students, one still in school and the other at university. Awad, despite his extremely young age, has already spent time in prison after an arrest earlier this year. He was jailed for one month and made to pay a fine of 2000 shekels ($500) before his release. Minors are commonly taken by … Continue reading

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29 Aug 2012
Children in Israeli Prisons Facing an Uncertain Future

On March 7, 2012, 15-year-old Zain Hisham Abu Maria was brutally arrested during a night raid, around 3.30 a.m. Soldiers grabbed him by his feet and hands while he was still in his bed, took him out, and blindfolded and arrested him. Now, nearly six months later, he is still in prison, accused of throwing stones. Zain has been told by the Judge that he is facing four years in prison. His next court meeting is scheduled to take place next week.

Zain is said to be a clever student. His fellow classmates keep a picture of him on his desk as a memory of their classmate who should be at … Continue reading

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23 Aug 2012
Profile: Ahmed Abu Hashem

Ahmed Abu Hashem is an institution of political activism in Beit Ommar. For quarter of a century he has been a thorn in the side of the occupation and, in the dying days of the second intifada, was one of the early members of the embryonic organisation which would become the Popular Committee.

Ahmed was born in 1967, only months before the Six Day War and subsequent occupation of his homeland. As he grew up, so too did the settlements being established on Palestinian land; a development which took a destructive toll on Ahmed’s family. His father was shot and wounded by Israeli forces and his mother, tragically, was … Continue reading