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21 Jun 2011
Roadblock in Al Jab'a replaced by Gate, Palestinians Still Shut Out

In 2002, Israeli military created the illegal roadblock to prevent the villagers of Surif and the villagers of Al Jab’a to commute back and forth by car. The roadblock consisted of dirt, large stones, at least five massive boulders, and more than nine 2-5 ton concrete slabs and blocks. Presently, Palestinians seeking to reach their village from the neighboring village are forced to approach the barrier by car, unload their goods and crops over the roadblock, and repack them into a car located on the other side of the barrier. While this restriction is extremely difficult to navigate, there are multiple other problems. The barrier … Continue reading

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20 May 2010
Al-Jab'a: a Village in Limbo

From Robert B.

Al Jab’a, a village of 700 people, sits in the path of a section of the apartheid wall which Israel has scheduled for construction at a future stage. It lies south west of Bethlehem, just one kilometre from the 1967 Green Line – inside the Palestinian West Bank.
From the hillsideone can see, not too far distant, the colony/settlements of Bat Ayn, Betar Ellit, Nahal Gavot and the monstrous Gush Etzion, all built on Palestinian land. It is no wonder that the people feel that their future is precarious.

Present-day life is hard enough. For anything but the most basic necessities villagers rely on shops … Continue reading

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9 Nov 2009
PSP Concludes Olive Harvest in Al-Jab'a

PSP activists, along with Israeli solidarity activists, joined the residents of the small town of Al-Jab’a in harvesting their olives near the Gush Etzion checkpoint. Al-Jab’a, a town of 800 people, is totally cut off from the rest of the Palestinian West Bank, including Beit Ommar and Sourif, its neighbors, by roadblocks. If the Annexation Barrier is completed as currently planned, Al-Jab’a will be in the “seam zone”, surrounded by Israeli settlements on the “Israeli side” of the Barrier, totally cut off from the Palestinian territories. It has had much of its agricultural land confiscated de facto because of its proximity to the large Etzion settlement bloc and … Continue reading