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9 Jun 2011
Soldiers Attempt to Stop Farmers in Saffa

On the evening of Wednesday, July 8th, a group of farmers attempting to harvest grape leaves in the Saffa region of Beit Ommar were halted by Israeli soldiers. Around thirty farmers were stopped by nine members of the Israeli army, who declared that the area was a closed military zone. The closed military zone paperwork required by Israeli law was never shown.

Members of the Popular Committee, PSP volunteers, and the mayor of Beit Ommar argued with the soldiers for some time, and the farmers continued to gather grape leaves. When the farmers finished their work, all parties left … Continue reading

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5 Jun 2011
Israeli Soldiers, Police, Take Positions at Entrance to Beit Ommar

At 11:00 on Sunday, June 5th, five military jeeps and one police car took up positions at the main entrance of Beit Ommar. Around 10 Israeli soldiers were circled the watchtower, taking pictures of the area.

The purpose of the operation is still unclear.

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5 Jun 2011
Fifty Gather to Commemorate 44 Years of Occupation

On Saturday, June 4th, a group of 50 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists met in Beit Ommar to commemorate Al Naksa Day (literally, the “day of the setback”,) which for the Palestinian people marks the displacement and occupation that accompanied Israel’s victory in the 1967 Six-Day War. The purpose of the demonstration was to bury the settlements, the American injustice and the racism of the Israeli state. A coffin made out of paper with slogans on its sides was carried in the front, followed by the rest of the protesters. The group marched towards Karmei Tsur, chanting slogans against the occupation and waving Palestinian flags.

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21 May 2011
Soldiers Threaten Mass Arrests of Beit Ommar Students

In the early morning of Saturday, May 21st, Israeli soldiers approached Beit Ommar residences near the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur, delivering a message that village university students would be arrested en masse unless demonstrations against Karmei Tsur were halted. University students are now entering a week of final exams, and cannot afford to miss school. At the behest of the students, the Popular Committee agreed to temporarily suspend demonstrations until the end of exams next week.

During the final exams period of 2010, Israeli soldiers conducted unprompted, mass arrests of village university students. Hundreds of students were held without charge through … Continue reading

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16 May 2011
Army Fired Tear Gas into Elementary School, Now Closed

During the May 15th incursion into Beit Ommar, Israeli military forces fired at least four canisters of tear gas into an elementary school, smashing windows and filling the building with noxious fumes. The school was not in session at the time. When teachers and students arrived for class this morning, they found that the gas had not yet fully dissipated. Class has been canceled to allow further time for the building to air out.

The Israeli military reaction to “Nakba Day” demonstrations throughout the West Bank, Gaza … Continue reading

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15 May 2011
Fire and soldiers in Aroub Camp, Nakba Day, May 15 2011

At least 11 people were killed and hundreds injured following demonstrations throughout the West Bank, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan commemorating the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine, or “Nakba.” In Beit Ommar, one resident was shot in the leg by Israeli soldiers, and another hospitalized due to tear gas inhalation.

On the morning of May 15th, Israeli soldiers gathered near the checkpoint leading out of Beit Ommar, locking the main gate. One group of Israeli soldiers also moved into the terraces south of the main road. At 11:00 am, around forty school girls between the ages of 9 and 15 … Continue reading

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14 May 2011
Demonstration before Karmei Tsur, May 14, 2011

Thirty demonstrators gathered in the West Bank village of Beit Ommar this week to commemorate the “Nakba,” a word which literally translates to “catastrophe” and which is used to refer to Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948. Demonstrators marched toward the Israeli Karmei Tsur settlement waving flags which read “No Change Without Return” and chanting against the occupation and settlements. Several members of the Beit Ommar National Committee Against the Wall and Settlements gave speeches commemorating the Nakba, calling on onlookers to remember the massacres at Deir Yassin and throughout historical Palestine. Demonstrators also called for the right of all Palestinian refugees … Continue reading

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14 May 2011

Soldiers from the settlement of Karmei Tsur detained two members of the Popular Committee on Friday, May 13. Ali Ayad Awad and his family had been on their land, some of which lies very close to the Karmei Tsur fence. A group of settlers arrived, yelling at them and throwing stones from within the settlement.

Popular Committee members Mohamed Ayad Awad and Ahmed Abu Hashem were informed of the harassment, and came out to the land where the farmers were trying to work. By the time they arrived, the settlers had gone, and instead, a group of soldiers from Karmei Tsur was waiting.

The soldiers detained both Ahmed Abu Hashem and Mohamed Ayad Awad. A half hour later, Popular Committee member Mousa … Continue reading

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6 May 2011
Al Ma'asara Protest March, May 6, 2011

On Friday, May 6th, Al Ma’asara Popular Committee member Mahmoud Zwahre was arrested during a peaceful demonstration organized by the village’s popular committee. Around twenty international and Israeli solidarity activists joined with about thirty Al Ma’asara residents in a march towards the proposed site of the Annexation Barrier. Many carried signs decrying Israel’s recent withholding of almost 90 million dollars of Palestinian tax revenue and promising that the nonviolent struggle for a unified Palestinian state could not be bought. Four carried a prop coffin draped in Palestinian flags as a reminder of the true costs of occupation.

As the demonstration approached the … Continue reading

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18 Apr 2011

On Sunday, April 17th, 2011, Israel Forces invaded the village of Beit Ommar. Soldiers forcefully entered and searched several homes, including those belonging to Yousef Ahmad Rashed Sabarna, Jamal Mahmoud A’lqam, and the Mayor of Beit Ommar, Nasri Sabarna.

Yousef Ahmad Rashed Sabarna had been released only twenty-five days earlier, following a five-year prison term. Jamal Mahmoud A’lqam’s house was searched twice within thirty minutes, and the 19-year-old son of Nasri Sabarana was given summons to appear before Israeli intelligence officials. No cause for the summons was given.

The searches went on for several hours, during which time many residents were afraid to leave their houses. While soldiers moved through the village, those stationed at the entrance to … Continue reading