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13 Mar 2010
4 Detained as Beit Ommar Demonstrates on Route 60 Again

For the second week in a row the National Committee of Beit Ommar organized a demonstration, along with the Palestine Solidarity Project, to block Route 60, a major north-south highway past Beit Ommar that is used by settlers from throughout the Hebron District, in protest of the crackdown on Palestinian popular resistance, unabated settlement expansion (including new homes planned in the nearby settlement of Beitar Illit) and the continued theft of Palestinian land.

50 participants, including Israeli and International solidarity activists, arrived at the entrance to Beit Ommar, carrying Palestinian flags and posters calling for the end to the Occupation. Upon reaching route 60 and sitting … Continue reading

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26 Feb 2010
Israeli Military Arrests 5, Attacks Kindergarten in Beit Ommar

In the pre-dawn hours of Thursday, February 25, Israeli forces entered Beit Ommar and carried out an extensive arrest and intimidation operation, lasting several hours. Five men were arrested, their homes ransacked and copious amounts of tear gas and percussion grenades were shot throughout the streets. An additional seven men were summoned for interrogation by the Israeli intelligence services, Shabak.

One of the men arrested, Ibrahim Awad, lives above a local kindergarten supported by Palestine Solidarity Project. Israeli soldiers returned to Awad’s home at approximately 7am and threw sound grenades at the door of the kindergarten while children were inside. They remained in the area, continuing to throw sound grenades within feet of the kindergarten, as children … Continue reading

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4 Feb 2010

In the pre-dawn hours of Thursday, February 4, several units of Israeli soldiers stormed Beit Ommar, invading several houses and forcing women and children out into the rain, some standing for several hours. In the end, 9 men were arrested:

Murshid Muhammad Murshid Al-Aqeed, 35
Ayesh Ahmad Murshid Za’aqeeq, 23
Rami Bassam Khalil Za’aqeeq, 32
Muhammad Bassam Khalil Za’aqeeq, 20
Murad Amer Ahmad Abu Juda, 21
Muhammad Amer Ahmad Abu Juda, 20
Sharif Fathi Muhammad Brageith, 22
Ashraf Ali Khalawy Sabarna, 27
Jihad Khalawi

This makes a total of 16 people arrested from Beit Ommar in the last 2 weeks alone. We know that several of the previously arrested youth were taken directly to Al Mascobieh (Russian Compound), usually reserved as an Israeli intelligence interrogation center. No … Continue reading

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30 Jan 2010
Demonstrators 'Sit-in' in Nabi Saleh, 1 Arrested in Ni'lin During Weekly Demonstrations

The New York Times this Friday included a large article on page 4 of the front section about the “new” anti-wall demonstrations, which they erroneously say began in Bil’in but have now spread to 4 other villages. In response to questions by the Times reporter about the nature of the protests, and whether they could be considered non-violent, an Israeli spokesman reportedly said, “these are not sit-ins with people singing we shall overcome”. Well, minus the old gospel song, that’s exactly what people in Nabi Saleh did this week during their Friday demonstration. Only after the Israeli military fired on the demonstrators, did youth respond by throwing stones…. Continue reading

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27 Jan 2010

On Tuesday afternoon, January 26, an Israeli military patrol of 3 jeeps entered the village of Beit Ommar and began harassing residents. After driving into the center of the village, they began shooting tear gas from the jeeps into groups of residents gathered on the street. Some local boys responded to the presence of occupation forces by throwing rocks at the jeeps. Israeli soldiers then left their jeeps and began chasing some of the boys and opening fire with live ammunition in at least one case. At one point, soldiers detained 16 year old Fathi Ahmed Mohammed Abu Maria outside his home. His grandmother approached the soldiers and Fathi and tried to prevent the detention … Continue reading

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23 Jan 2010
3 More Arrested Overnight in Beit Ommar

In the early morning hours of Saturday, January 23, nearly 100 Israeli soldiers and Shin Bet (Israeli intelligence) officers raided Beit Ommar, entering several homes before arresting three people: Hussein Ibrahim, age 17, Issa Mohammed Issa Awwad, age 21, and Muhanned Khaled Abu Awwad, 20. Israeli forces also entered the home of Thiab Al-Alami, 42, forcing him to strip before they would enter after which they occupied the roof of his house. Israeli forces threw a sound grenade into Muhammed’s house before invading it, terrifying several children inside. Muhanned is the son of Khaled Abu Awwad, a coordinator of the Bereaved Families Circle, a dialogue group of Israelis and Palestinians who have had family members killed during … Continue reading

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23 Jan 2010
Palestinians, Israelis Arrested Throughout Friday Demonstrations.

(Photography from Palestine Solidarity Project. Video of Nabi Saleh from Activestills Collective, Video of Sheikh Jarrah from Yisrael Putermam)

This Friday, January 22, demonstrations were again held against land confiscation, the Annexation Barrier, and the expulsion of Palestinians from East Jerusalem for the settlement of right-wing Jewish settlers.

In Al-Ma’asara, Bethlehem District, approximately 70 Palestinians, Internationals and Israelis marched from the center of town towards the barrier set up by the Israeli military. Tensions were high as a larger-than-usual presence of Israeli soldiers and border police lined the route of the march on the roofs of buildings. The demonstration included the imposed Palestinian government’s minister of agriculture who participated in a symbolic tree-planting near the entrance of the village. … Continue reading

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22 Jan 2010
Four Arrested During Overnight House Raids in Beit Ommar

In the pre-dawn hours of Thursday, January 21, more than 50 Israeli soldiers invaded Beit Ommar, entering several homes and ransacking them. In the home of Muhsen Awwad, soldiers broke the window in the front door and tore open furniture. His 35 year-old son Mohammed Awwad was then arrested. Soldiers also took 800 shekels from the home before leaving. Three other men were also arrested during the raid which lasted for over 5 hours. The others arrested were Allam Bregeith, Jamal Ibrahim Ikhlayl, and Mohammed Soleiby. All four men were taken to Gush Etzion settlement prison. Beginning at 6 am, and lasting for over 2 hours, at a time when many residents were … Continue reading

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21 Dec 2009
Two Arrested, One After Just Being Released, in Beit Ommar

At approximately 2am Monday, December 21, 10 Israeli military jeeps entered the center of Beit Ommar. For the second time in 3 weeks, Mohammed Abu Ayyesh, brother of murdered teen Mehdi Abu Ayyesh, was arrested. Mohammed, who was originally arrested on December 3, was released last week. His brother, Tha’er, who was arrested on December 11, is still in Israeli custody. Last night, the home of Sa’id Abu Ayyesh was raided for the third time this month as Israeli soldiers tore apart the home and again arrested Mohammed, 24. His male and female family members were beaten as they tried … Continue reading

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11 Dec 2009
Update: Another Brother of Murdered Teen Arrested as One Teen Released in Beit Ommar

The recent Army arrests of five young men in Beit Ommar have re-infected festering wounds among the families of the village. For the Abu Ayyesh family the arrests of two sons Mohammed, 24, and Thaer, 19, come on top of the October death of their brother Mehdi, 17. In March 2009, Mahdi was shot in the head from less than 20 metres while shopping for a falafel sandwich during an Israeli army incursion. The army is reported to have delayed calling for medical help and then set up a checkpoint to further prevent the ambulance from reaching critically injured Mehdi. 27 pieces of metal were discovered in Mehdi’s head and he died without regaining consciousness in October, 2009. … Continue reading