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24 May 2010
6 Solidarity Activists Arrested in Beit Jala After Halting Bulldozer

The weekly protest against the encroaching apartheid wall took place this Sunday, 23 May, in Beit Jala. Once again Palestinians were prevented from reaching the site by Palestinian Authority police, leaving the field to assorted international activists and a sizeable contingent of Israeli supporters – and, of course, Israeli security contractors, border police, soldiers and plainclothes agents.

Despite having to clamber down a precipitous terraced hillside to reach the site, a group of committed activists managed to seat themselves in the path of the leading bulldozer. By clinging determinedly to one another they managed to resist being dragged away into detention for upwards of an hour. They hung on … Continue reading

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10 May 2010
Demonstrators Destroy Settlement-Made Products at Beit Jala Demonstration

On Sunday, May 9, residents of Beit Jala were joined by the mayor of Betlehem and the Palestinian Authority’s Minister for the Wall in their weekly demonstration against the construction of the Annexation Barrier which began in a new section of Beit Jala last month. Israeli and international activists, as well as residents of nearby villages joined in the demonstration which used the opportunity to announce the expulsion of products made in Israeli settlements. Boxes of these products were set on the barbed wire that blocked the procession from accessing their agricultural land and were set on fire.

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2 May 2010

Over 150 people participated in the weekly anti-Wall demonstration organized by the local Popular Committee in Beit Jala today. The protest march, which set out towards the Wall’s construction site, was attacked with tear-gas and concussion grenades as soon as it reached a razor-wire barricade erected by soldiers on the road leading to village’s lands.

As demonstrators were forced to retreat, soldiers continued to shoot tear-gas projectiles directly towards them. Local youth responded to the attack by throwing stones and clashes ensued. Two protesters were hit by rubber-coated bullets and Muammar Awad, an freelance cameraman, was hit in the head by an aluminum tear-gas projectile shot directly at him. According to eye witnesses, Awad was evacuated unconscious to the Sheari Tzedek … Continue reading

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25 Apr 2010
Demonstrators Climb Bulldozers in Beit Jala

Despite razor wire, tear gas and squads of Israeli soldiers in their way 15 Palestinians, Israelis and PSP activists broke the barrier at Beit Jala this afternoon and unfurled banners on the bulldozers destroying the olive groves on their land for construction of the Annexation Barrier. Demonstrations began in Beit Jala last month when the construction of the Barrier began anew in this area just south of Jerusalem. Yesterday, a playground and garden were destroyed by the Israeli bulldozers to clear land in Beit Jala and the nearby village of Al-Walaja. This construction is part of the enormous “Jerusalem envelope” section of the Barrier, used to annex a huge swath of land surrounding Jerusalem to make room … Continue reading

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16 Mar 2010
Protests Continue in Beit Jala Against the Construction of the Annexation Barrier

Members of the National Committee of Bait Ommar and Palestine Solidarity Project joined with more than 50 residents of Beit Jala, Bethlehem District, who marched Sunday morning in another attempt to reach their land which is cut off by illegal settlements and the construction of the Annexation Barrier. They were accompanied by around 20 Israeli and international solidarity activists with banners and flags.

The peaceful demonstration was disrupted by Israeli Occupation Forces who blocked off the route with military vehicles and without any provocation threw sound bombs into the crowd as it approached. Despite these intimidating tactics the demonstrators approached the soldiers and sat down on the street in … Continue reading