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24 Apr 2007

On April 15, 2007 The Israeli Occupation Forces bulldozed a small area of land across the street from the Watchtower of Beit Ommar, giving no explanation and leaving shortly after PSP observers showed up. A few days later, it became clear why. The soldiers came again with a large crane and bulldozer and dismantled the current watchtower (using the bulldozed area where fruit trees once stood as a temporary resting place for the old watchtower), only to replace it with a watchtower nearly twice as tall. The soldiers closed the entrance to vehicular traffic into and out of Beit Ommar for two days as they completed the construction. No … Continue reading

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22 Apr 2007

Yesterday, the Popular Committee of Beit Ommar invited international and Israeli activists to plant 300 olive trees in the land near the extremist settlement, Karmi Tsur. Karmi Tsur has been a focus of Palestine Solidarity Project’s work recently because of its aggressive policy of consficating land from Beit Ommar and harassing farmers working their land near the settlement. Yesterday, over 30 Palestinian farmers of Beit Ommar along with nearly 20 Israeli and international activists continued their defiance of the confisgation of their land by planting nearly 300 olive trees along settlement fence and in the fields just below.
When soldiers arrived they first were given the order that the … Continue reading

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21 Apr 2007

At 12 pm April 20, the Israeli Occupation Forces once again invaded Beit Ommar. This time, 4 soldiers came first on foot into a densely populated area near the center of town. They began to shoot dozens of tear gas canisters and hundreds of rubber-coated steel bullets around and into nearby houses. One older man from the Beit Ommar Popular Committee, who was standing on his porch at the time, was shot in the shoulder with a rubber-coated steel bullet. The army also shot live ammunition into the streets, though thankfully no one was injured.
During the three hour invasion which did not seem to serve any obvious … Continue reading

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20 Apr 2007

On Monday, April 16, 3 Israeli Occupation Force jeeps drove into Beit Ommar from the Karmi Tsur settlement. The IOF enters the village from this area nearly every other day as a show of force, antagonizing the local residents and young boys. On this day, the jeeps entered the village and picked out ‘Az Mahmoud Migbal, 15, from a group of young boys, and forced him into a jeep. His mother came out to the jeep and pleaded with the soldiers to let him go. When she asked why her son was being arrested the soldiers said he was throwing stones. They then pushed her away and took ‘Az … Continue reading

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15 Apr 2007

Last night at approximately 10pm the Israeli Occupation Forces invaded the home of Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Ayyesh, near the entrance to Beit Ommar. They forced the family outside and ‘checked’ the house. They also ‘checked’ the family, and hit two of the women who did not want to be patted down by the soldiers. The only reason the soldiers gave them was that it was for “security”. This morning at approximately 9:30am an IOF bulldozer was brought to the land of the same family and bulldozed one dunum of land, including fruit trees. The military also closed the entrance to the village and again said it was in the name of “security”. The land … Continue reading

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14 Apr 2007

Today, over 30 activists cut about 15 meters of the illegal fence around Karme Tzur, next to Beit Ommar. Two groups used cutters, ropes and hammers to tear down parts of the fence that was built this last summer. The Palestinians wanted to demonstrate not only that the fence was illegitimate, but that they would no longer be intimidated by the settlers, who often harass the farmers whose land is near the settlement.

The activists wore reflective vests and carried banners in Hebrew to try to ensure that the settlers, who are … Continue reading

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9 Apr 2007

Last night Palestinians from Beit Ommar were joined by members of the Palestine Solidarity Project and Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall as they reopened a road that had recently been closed, after being successfully opened by PSP and Israeli activists twice before.

On March 26, 2007 Palestinians from Beit Ommar and members of PSP were accompanied by Israeli and international activists as they removed an important roadblock in Beit Ommar. The roadblock was preventing traffic from the large vegetable market in Beit Ommar directly to Route 60, the main highway linking Beit Ommar and other villages to both Hebron to the south and Betlehem to the north. The road … Continue reading

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5 Apr 2007

Today, at approximately 3:30 pm at least two communities in the Hebron region, Al-Aroub refugee camp and Beit Ommar, were completely locked down. Gates to the entrances of the villages were closed and the Israeli army would not let anyone in cars or on foot leave. In addition, traffic running north on Route 60 (the main highway from southern Palestine up through Jerusalem) was shut down outside Gush Etzion settlement bloc, completely cutting off traffic from the Hebron region to the rest of Palestine.

The Israeli army has blocked all roads out of Al-Aroub and Beit Ommar except the ones controlled by the Israeli gates. For over 2 hours the … Continue reading

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30 Mar 2007

Today at approximately 4:30 pm four army jeeps entered the edge of Beit Ommar and occupied one home. from the rooftop of the home, they shot rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas into the fields and onto the roofs of nearby houses. There was no planned demonstration in Beit Ommar and the Israeli Army entered with no obvious goal other than to antagonize the local people. After shooting at no clear targets from that location, the jeeps moved and entered the main street in the town, occupying the balcony of another home and shooting rubber-coated steel bullets indiscriminately between the houses and tear … Continue reading

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26 Mar 2007

Today, members of PSP attempted to accompany farmers from Beit Ommar to their land near the Karme Zur settlement to prune their grapevines. Last summer, the Israeli Occupation Forces built a fence through the farmers’ land, for “security reasons”. However, after an Israeli Supreme Court decision, the farmers were granted access to their land on the other side of the fence if coordinated with the DCO (the district representative of the Israeli Army who is the ‘liason’ to the Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories).

When the farmers arrived at the gate at a time pre-arranged with the DCO, an IOF Humvee and an … Continue reading