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26 Mar 2007

Nearly a month ago an illegal roadblock, that PSP, Palestinian, and Israeli activists had removed in October, was put back into place. As promised, last night the Beit Ommar Popular Committee, PSP, international and Israeli activists removed the roadblock, again. The roadblock was prohibiting traffic from the main vegetable market in Beit Ommar to Route 60, the main thoroughfare to Betlehem and Hebron. Because of this roadblock, it was very difficult for vegetable trucks to carry produce from Beit Ommar to surrounding areas.

The right to freedom of movement is recognized under international law and therefore all roadblocks put in Palestine by Israeli Occupation Forces are illegal. These roadblocks … Continue reading

Betlehem District »

25 Mar 2007

Today approximately 30 girls from the Gush Etzion settlement, accompanied by an armed guard, trespassed on Palestinian land in Beit Ommar. When an international activist questioned the armed man, he said that the girls were on a “field trip” because they believed that this land (the land they were trespassing on) was theirs. The youth were from a girls zionist youth organization.

Beit Ommar, Settler Violence »

24 Mar 2007

Today, International and Israeli activists from Ta’ayush movement joined Abu Jabber Soleiby and the Beit Ommar Popular Committee as Soleiby, his brother and his nephew pruned their grapevines near the Israeli settlement Beit ‘Ain. Abu Jabber and his brother have been forced to rely on accompaniment by international and Israeli activists to work their land in the Saffa area of Beit Ommar after repeated violent attacks from the settlers. The Soleiby family is determined to continue to go to their land in defiance of the settlers’ attempts to terrorize them and force them to give up the land that they have owned for decades.
Abu Jabber spoke about the repeated … Continue reading

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21 Mar 2007

Soldiers entered the village of Beit Ommar tonight following a funeral. Unwilling to let friends and family mourn their loss in peace, soldiers began shooting into the air. There was no operation or other purpose for their entry, the soldiers simply entered an area they frequently harrass (they’ve killed 7 people in the area in the past), fired guns and parachuted flares into the air in an attempt to frighten people. The Army stopped two Palestinian cars and used them, still occupied by their Palestinian owners, as shields against potential stone-throwers. Using civilians as human shields for any purpose is against international law, though the Israeli Army … Continue reading

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3 Mar 2007

Today at around 2pm over 50 settlers from the settlement Beit ‘Ain marched through the Saffa area of Beit Ommar. Some were dressed all in white and were carrying Uzis (Israeli automatic guns). When the settlers were confronted by over 200 Palestinians they turned and ran, shooting in the air. The Israeli Army arrived and after watching for some time they escorted the settlers out of the village and back into Beit ‘Ain.

Over 1 month ago, 300 settlers from the same settlement made a similar “demonstration” through the nearby Palestinian village of Surif. The settlers of Beit ‘Ain have been harrassing Palestinians from the villages of Beit Ommar … Continue reading

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23 Feb 2007

Today, Israeli Ocupation Forces erected a roadblock on one of the main roads to the cemetery in Beit Ommar, cutting off a section of the village from entering it. When the people of Beit Ommar approached the soldiers to ask for an explanation for the roadblock, they were told it was for “security”. This road ends at the cemetery and has no outlet onto the nearby settler road; it is an internal roadblock, only cutting off one section of the village from the other. When people of Beit Ommar continued to ask for an explanation, the soldiers used tear gas, rubber and plastic bullets and sound grenades to force the … Continue reading

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16 Feb 2007

Today around 1pm the Israeli Occupation Forces, including at least four jeeps and 20 soldiers, once again invaded Beit Ommar. As was the case on Wednesday, soldiers approached people as they were leaving the cemetery. For about three hours, the IOF shot tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at the crowd, mainly youth. Wael Al Ja’ar, age 25, was shot in the shoulder with a rubber-coated steel bullet and taken by ambulance to the hospital in Hebron. Ambulance drivers had to negotiate with the IOF to get through, as two army jeeps were blocking the village’s exit. This is the third time in the past week that the … Continue reading

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14 Feb 2007

Today, internationals and Palestinians from PSP and Israelis from Rabbis for Human Rights joined Abu Jabber Soleiby in planting nearly 150 olive trees on his land in Beit Ommar. The Soleiby family owns hundreds of dunums of agricultural land near the Beit ‘Ain settlement and have been the victims of some of the most extreme settler violence in the area. Approximately six weeks ago settlers from the Beit ‘Ain settlement cracked open the skull of Abu Jabber’s brother as he sat in his fields on a break from pruning his olive trees. Today was the first day since the assault that he returned to his land.

The Soleiby family has lost … Continue reading

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13 Feb 2007

Yesterday, for the second time this week the Israeli Occupation Forces invaded Beit Ommar after a funeral of two men who passed away the night before. After the funeral procession to the cemetary, which is near the entrance to Beit Ommar, the Israeli Army followed the people into Beit Ommar and attacked them by firing tear gas and shooting live ammunition.

Another child, Kamil Mohamed Awad, age 11, was shot with a dumdum bullet in his upper arm. Because dumdum bullets are designed to break apart upon impact to inflict … Continue reading

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9 Feb 2007

After prayer today at approximately 11:30, residents of Beit Ommar held a non-violent demonstration against the Israeli construction work that is threatening the structure of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. There were similar demonstrations across the West Bank today in what has become a growing movement protesting Israeli excavation of the holy site. At least three Humvees and four jeeps of the Israeli Occupation Forces invaded the village and attacked the demonstrators without provocation. For six hours, the IOF shot large amounts of teargas, Rubber-coated steel bullets, and live ammunition at youth.

They stopped Palestinians in their cars in the street and used the cars, with … Continue reading