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30 Jan 2007

Last night at approximately 6pm, just after the evening prayer, the Israeli Occupation Forces invaded Beit Ommar. 4 jeeps, including one containing Shabak (Israeli intelligence) and an armed Humvee invaded Beit Ommar, population 15,000.

For over an hour the IOF broke into homes and ransacked them. They also shot copious amounts of tear gas and rubber bullets and threw over a dozen percussion grenades at young shebab who had come out into the street. They also shot tear gas into nearby homes, not only in violation of international law, but in violation of the IOF’s own procedural protocols. They raided and occupied the home of Mohammed Sabarneh, holding his family in one room as they tore open his couches, broke … Continue reading

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26 Jan 2007

At 2am, January 25, 3 jeeps and 13 soldiers from the Israeli Occupation Forces invaded the village of Beit Ommar. The IOF placed an explosive on and blew open the door of Waheed Abu Maria’s home. On the other side of the door was the room where his 4 small children were sleeping. They then forced themselves into the room where they handcuffed his 17 year old son, Hamze, and beat him in the head with their rifles, though he was later released. Waheed was then handcuffed and forced into a jeep, where his family reported he was beaten severely.

The same night, 6 men from the neighboring village of Beit Fajjar were also … Continue reading

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25 Jan 2007

Yousef Abu Maria was first arrested in June 2006 for organizing non-violent demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall in Beit Ommar. After nearly 2 months he was brought before a military court and “sentenced” to 6 months in prison (including “time served”). He was not tried in a court, nor was he given an opportunity to defend himself. This is because Yousef is being held in Administrative Detention, an extra-legal option for the Shabak (Israeli intelligence) to hold Palestinians indefinitely without trial. Last week, when Yousef was scheduled to be released, the Shabak requested in a military court that he be held an additional 6 months as a “security risk”. It is nearly impossible … Continue reading

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19 Jan 2007

Today, PSP committees from Beit Ommar, Al-Jab’a and Al-Khadr, as well as International and Israeli activists joined over 300 people from Um Salamuna to demonstrate against the continued confiscation of their land by the construction of the Apartheid Wall. The people were addressed by the head of the Village Council and other PSP committee members about the impact The Wall will have on theirs and other villages. The men and women then prayed on the land and marched peacefully back to the village.

Um Salamuna will lose over 700 dunums of land, much of it expropriated to the illegal settlement Efrat. It is clear that the path … Continue reading

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24 Dec 2006

On Saturday, December 23, over 200 people from the villages of Beit Ommar and Halhul as well as other nearby villages marched along Road 60, the main thoroughfare from Hebron to Jerusalem, blocking settler traffic for more than one hour. The Israeli army’s attempt to prevent activists from joining the demonstration by closing the road in front of Al-Arroub before the demonstration began were unsuccessful.

People from Beit Ommar and Halhul, representing all political parties, were joined by international activists from PSP, CPT, and ISM and Israeli groups Ta’ayush and Anarchists Against the Wall, to protest the construction of a new settler bypass road connecting the … Continue reading

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15 Dec 2006

Three Israeli settlers from the settlement of Bat ‘Ain attacked Hamad Suleiby, 60, a farmer from Beit Ommar who was working on his land near the settlement today. At about noon, when Al-Suleibi was taking a break from his work, the settlers appeared carrying guns and iron bars, and accompanied by three dogs. They hit Suleiby on the top of his head, causing him to lose consciousness. The settlers then stole his horse, saw, and pruning shears, and ran back to the settlement. When Suleiby woke up after two hours, his head was still bleeding. He managed to walk to the nearest house, where the … Continue reading

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3 Dec 2006

Raw sewage and polluted water from the settlement of Kfar Etzion is being dumped onto nearby agricultural land belonging to the Al-Sabarnah family from Beit Ommar. Unfortunately, this is an all too common form of terror used by settlers in an attempt to prevent Palestinians from making a living. The influx of raw sewage raises the salinity of the soil for years afterward, damages or kills the grape vines, pollutes the environment, prevents the farmers from working on their land, and creates a potential public health crisis for the Palestinian families. The trees are turned a brown or sometimes yellow color from the sewage, indicating … Continue reading

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19 Nov 2006

Yousef Abu Maria, 28 years old, Beit Ommar

Yousef worked as the PSP Coordinator in Beit Ommar for approximately 2 months before being arrested in a non-violent demonstration in June, 2006. Nearly 3 months later, he was finally brought before a military court in Ofer on 5 September 2006 and sentenced to 6 months in prison for his activities with PSP (including the time he has already spent in jail). He is currently being held in Ofer detention camp, and should be released on 4 January.

Yousef was first interrogated in Gush Etzion Settlement police station and was repeatedly asked about his activities with international activists.

During the interrogation, the Israeli shabak (General Security Services) tortured Yousef by beating him on his … Continue reading

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17 Nov 2006

The Israeli occupation forces closed the main road leading to the main vegetable market in Beit Ommar so that farmers from the village would not be able to transport their produce to regional markets. The market is a large storage area where residents can bring their vegetables and transport trucks can pick them up and transport to the surrounding areas.

The Israeli soldiers in the village are also harassing residents trying to use the market or the roads leading to it. The market is located in an area called Beit Za’atah which has about 300 residents who are directly affected by the roadblocks placed by the Israeli army, which force them to make … Continue reading

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26 Oct 2006

October 23, 2006, members of the Palestine Solidarity Project joined with Israeli peace groups Ta’ayush and Anarchists Againt The Wall to challenge the validity of the illegally created road blocks that have been forced upon many Palestinian villages, severly limiting their freedom of movement and access to essentials such as schools, hospitals, and economic centers.

They began their work in the village of Al-Jab’a where they have tried several times to remove a roadblock blocking the path from Surif to Al-Jab’a (please see previous report for more information on this situation). As they waited for more demonstrators to join them, an Israeli military hummer pulled up and was parked in front of the roadblock. … Continue reading