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16 Oct 2006

On Saturday, Oct. 14 at 4am two unmarked cars with Israeli Special Forces inside drove into the village of Beit Ommar and shot a man in the street as he was walking to the mosque for morning prayers. The special forces were dressed as Palestinians. Jamil Aljem, 40, was shot twice in the stomach. He is currently in critical condition in a hospital in Hebron. Arab media reports that the IOF has not made a statement as to the reason for this attempted execution.

Israel has publicly admitted to engaging in a policy of extra-judicial killings since the beginning of the Second Intifada (though practically Israel has engaged in such activities for decades) . The UN has consistently condemned these actions, … Continue reading

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11 Oct 2006

A Palestinian man, 25, was severely beaten, following the successful removal of a road block in Beit Ommar. Shafiig Khlayel intervened when Israeli occupation forces began assaulting a Palestinian woman shortly after her husband had participated in the Beit Ommar roadblock removal. As people tried to stop the assault, they themselves came under attack. Shafiig was punched in the stomach and back, as well as being hit several times with a rifle butt. After he was thrown to the ground, he was then set upon again, being kicked in the back and on the legs. Internationals who had been involved in the road block removal happened to be passing by the site of the incident and were able to … Continue reading

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11 Oct 2006

Today, at 12pm Israeli soldiers and Shabak (Israeli intelligence) blocked the mosque in Beit Ommar and attacked people who had come to pray. Two military jeeps, one hummer and one shabak car, totalling twenty soldiers and four secret service officers, entered and proceeded to block the mosque in Beit Ommar. People going to prayer were left standing outside the mosque, unable to enter.

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stayed for one hour, forcibly checking IDs, filming worshipers, and issuing two Palestinians with papers requiring them to attend questioning. The IOF then attacked five Palestinian men, beating them with their rifle butts and fists, causing two of them to bleed from the head, elbows and hands and forcing them to seek medical assistance.

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6 Oct 2006

This afternoon, Palestinian, international and Israeli activists carried out two non-violent demonstrations focused on two illegal roadblocks in the Betlehem region. Roadblocks in al-Jab’a and Beit Ommar were chosen, and the barrier in Beit Ommar was successfully opened. Large forces of occupation soldiers amassed at both demonstrations, and brutally beat many present.

Following Friday prayers in the village of al-Jaba, thirty five internationals and Israelis, and more than forty Palestinians, marched from the village mosque to the earth mound roadblock. The internationals represented the Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP), the International Women’s Peace Service (IWPS), the Christian Peace Makers Team (CPT), while the Israelis were from Ta’ayush, and Anarchists Against the Wall. This … Continue reading

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20 Sep 2006

September 20, 2006, in the village of Beit Ommar, activists with the Palestine Solidarity Project visited the farmland of Abu Jaber and his brother Abu Sameer. This is the third time that activists with the Project met with the farmers to document damage done to their land by nearby Israeli colonial settlers.

Three months ago, activists with the Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP) began meeting with Abu Jaber and Abu Sameer, though attacks on their land have dated back many years. These activists previously visited with the farmers July and August of this year. On September 15 2006, five days prior to PSP’s visit, Abu Jaber and Abu Sameer’s land was once again … Continue reading

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10 Sep 2006

Member of illegal Israeli settler militia

Abu Ayash and his family have owned and tended their land for around 100 years but are now facing increasing violence from the inhabitants of the nearby and ever expanding Israeli settlement Karme Zur. On Sunday, September 10, activists with the Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP) joined the farmer to defy the Israeli DCO (District Co-ordination Office – essential the Israeli army’s administrative wing in the West Bank), and make the harvest under the watchful eye of armed settler ’security’ and Israeli army.

The family owns 3 dunums of land right next to Karme Zur, some of the grapevines reaching out onto the settler road separating the Palestinian land … Continue reading