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29 Sep 2008

Local residents can’t help but think that Israeli Occupation Forces are trying to provoke a fight with youth, as yet another evening passes with the sounds of explosions and live ammunition in the air. IOF soldiers, for the past week, have entered Beit Ommar in the late afternoon, often setting up a checkpoint at the entrance to the village to interfere with traffic for two hours or so, just when people are trying to get home after a day of fasting for Ramadan. They then proceed to the center of town where they position massive Armored Personnel Carriers outside the main mosques, daring residents to go to evening prayer as the month-long religious holiday comes to an end. … Continue reading

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20 Sep 2008

For the full report, including a video of Karmei Tsur settlement (Near Beit Ommar), click here

For years, Israeli authorities have both barred Palestinian access to rings of land surrounding settlements, and have not acted to eliminate settlers’ piratical closing of lands adjacent to settlements and blocking of Palestinian access to them. Blocking access is one of the many ways used to expand settlements. In recent years, Israel has institutionalized the closing of such lands in an attempt to retroactively sanction the unauthorized placement of barriers far from the houses at the edge of the settlements.

Settlers pave patrol roads and place physical obstructions on Palestinian lands adjacent to settlements, at times with the authorities’ approval, at others not. Settlers also … Continue reading

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16 Sep 2008

The signs are all there. For the past five nights small teams of Israeli soldiers have entered Beit Ommar, stayed for a few hours wreaking havoc on the village, and then left. It is a pattern the residents have become all too familiar with. These smaller-scale invasions, whose beginning coincided with an attack on a settlement just down the road and the subsequent killing of a Palestinian man by Israeli soldiers in Tekoa village, are often the precursors to a large-scale daytime invasion. In similar invasions 2 young men have been killed by Israeli forces in Beit Ommar in the last 8 months alone.

On Friday night, September 12, at approximately 2 am, Israeli Occupation … Continue reading

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20 Aug 2008

This Sunday, August 17, Palestine Solidarity Project, in conjunction with the city council of Beit Ommar, hosted Beit Ommar’s fiirst ever conference on The Wall and Settlement Expansion. More than 130 people, mostly local farmers who were the intended audience, came to listen to guest speaker Dr. Moustafa Barghouthi, along with the head of the city council, Abu Rashid Sabarnah and PSP co-founder Yousef Abu Maria, as they spoke about the roots of land confiscation in Beit Ommar and the surrounding area and what can be expected if The Annexation Barrier and settlements are built without resistance.

Beit Ommar lost a significant amount of its land shortly after the occupation of the West Bank by Israel in 1967. … Continue reading

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9 Aug 2008

After a long day in the Israeli Supreme Court, 3 judges decided that Mousa Abu Maria, co-founder of Palestine Solidarity Project, would remain in administrative detention and that no review of the secret evidence against him was required. The court refused to hear a major part of advocate Gaby Lasky’s argument, namely, that the procedures for appeal of administrative detention in place now by the Israeli Occupation Forces are not in line with the Fourth Geneva Conventions and international law. After less than 15 minutes of presentation of Mousa’s case the court was emptied while the prosecution, aided by secret ‘evidence’ and members of Israeli intelligence service (Shabak) presented to the … Continue reading

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27 Jul 2008

At approximately 3:30pm Saturday, July 26, dozens of soldiers entered Beit Ommar on foot, followed by several jeeps and large Armored Personnel Carriers (APC’s). They took up several positions around the main mosque and began shooting at residents and homes indiscriminately. They almost immediately began using live ammunition, though they also shot tear gas, percussion grenades, and rubber-coated steel bullets. They were also found using plastic-coated steel bullets which are round steel balls covered in plastic a millimeter thick and shot in a spray which have been outlawed internationally. At approximately 5pm a young man, age 20, was shot through both of his arms with live ammunition. He … Continue reading

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26 Jul 2008

Two men, Mohammed Awwad, 21, and Mahmoud Awwad, 18 were both treated in al-Ahli hospital in Al-Khalil (Hebron) after being shot during an invasion on Wednesday, July 23. Mohammed was originally reported as having been shot with a rubber-coated steel bullet at close range but after treatment in the hospital it was determined that in fact he had been shot with a dum dum bullet, the use of which against civilians has been outlawed internationally because of the severe damage they cause. Dum Dum bullets are designed to break apart after impact, pieces of which travel through the body, lodging themselves in various places … Continue reading

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26 Jul 2008

On Friday at approximately 6pm soldiers from the Israeli Occupation Forces began another of their “training” sessions in Beit Ommar, with units of soldiers coming from three sides and surrounding the village. Once again, there was no clear purpose to the exercise, apart from antagonizing the residents and terrifying children. An international volunteer, along with a Palestinian committee member of PSP both walked into the entrance to the village and began taking pictures of soldiers at the entrance, near the military watchtower. A soldier came out of the watchtower and began shouting at the international that it was forbidden for him to take pictures. The two activists continued walking … Continue reading

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24 Jul 2008

Soldiers with the Israeli Occupation Forces first arrived in Beit Ommar on Wednesday, July 23, in the morning, creating a checkpoint at the entrance to the village and checking every Palestinian’s ID as they went in or out. They did not seem to be looking for anyone in particular, but rather continuing on their increasingly invasive campaign of harassment which took another turn earlier this week when a curfew was announced in the middle of the afternoon, only to be lifted a few hours later after homes were invaded and copious amounts of tear gas shot. On Wednesday, events turned even worse. After a few hours when the soldiers seemed … Continue reading

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20 Jul 2008

For three of the past four nights soldiers have entered Beit Ommar en masse, entering many homes and shooting live ammunition. It began at 2 am Thursday morning when five jeeps entered the village and fired volleys of live ammunition into the air. Over bullhorns, they declared a curfew, forbidding anyone from leaving their homes. They then spent over an hour driving through the village, seemingly just taunting the residents. No arrests were made and there was not even the premise of looking for “wanted” individuals; soldiers did not enter any homes but seemed content to impose their control over the village arbitrarily. The next evening was even more intrusive.

Beginning at approximately 10 pm Thursday … Continue reading