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25 Jun 2007

After being released from prison, Samir Abu Marya of Beit Ommar received a new paper ID and has been denied access to a real ID for the next three years. In February of 2007, Samir Abu Marya, 20 years old, was arrested at the Gush Etzion checkpoint. He sat in prison without a fair trial for three months under administrative detention. When he was released, he received a sheet of paper that listed the dates of his imprisonment instead of an ID. He went to the Palestinian Administration the next day in order to get a real ID, but was informed that Israel blocked his access to owning … Continue reading

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23 Jun 2007

The IOF shot and killed Shadi Rajih Al-Matoor, 25, at a military roadblock near the city of Halhul. Halhul is a village of 28,000 between Beit Ommar and Hebron. The IOF instituted a flying checkpoint between Halhoul and Hebron, stopping traveling Palestinians. When Al-Matoor’s service was stopped, the passengers were ordered to leave the vehicle. Shadi Rajih Al-Matoor was checked and then shot first in the head and then in the leg with rubber bullets. He was then rushed to the Al Ahli Palestinian hospital in Hebron where he died.

Al-Matoor was shopping for vegetables, and when he did not return his mother was worried. She called his … Continue reading

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17 Jun 2007

For the fourth time, the IOF reinstituted a roadblock to prevent traffic from the large vegetable market in Beit Ommar to Route 60, the main highway linking Beit Ommar and other villages to both Hebron to the south and Bethlehem to the north. The Palestine Solidarity Project along with other groups have already removed this roadblock four times. This particular roadblock directly affects and damages the economy of Beit Ommar and the farmers’ ability to make a living, which is why the PSP is so adamant about removing this roadblock. Several times it was removed at night for the activists’ security.

In the … Continue reading

Al-Jab'a, Beit Ommar »

31 May 2007

Today Palestinians from Sarif and Al-Jab’a’s PSP Committee were joined by members of the Palestine Solidarity Project and Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall in successfully removing a roadblock that blocked movement between the villages of Al-Jab’a and Sarif. During the removal, an IOF jeep arrived. The people continued on. Soon after, a hummer came and the group left temporarily. When the group returned to finish the removal, two more jeeps and ten more soldiers came. Despite the intended intimidation, the people successfully removed the roadblock.

Then the Palestine Solidarity Project and the Anarchists Against the Wall joined Beit Ommar’s Popular Committee … Continue reading

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19 May 2007

Israeli and International activists, including members of PSP and Ta’ayush, joined Palestinians from Beit Ommar for two consecutive actions – replanting an olive tree grove and removing a roadblock placed on private property. Despite attempted intimidation by soldiers, the activists successfully planted 35 olive trees near the entrance to Beit Ommar, where on April 15th, 2007 the Israeli Army uprooted a grove of trees. The Israeli Occupation Forces informed the owners of the land that it was being bulldozed because kids had been throwing stones from the area. It was yet another act of collective punishment. Within an hour, the group of activists had replanted the trees without incident.

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Apartheid Wall, Betlehem District, South Betlehem »

28 Apr 2007

Yesterday, over a hundred Palestinians from the villages of Beit Fag’ar, Um Salamuna, Wadi An-Nis, Al- Masara, Al-Khadr, and Beit Ommar, accompanied by Israeli and international activists, united on land near the Efrat settlement and attempted to block Route 60, the main north-south highway from Hebron up through Jerusalem to the northern West Bank. Though the high-spirited demonstrators were prevented by an enormous show of force by the Israeli Occupation Forces from blocking the highway, their message was seen, and heard, loud and clear. Demonstrators held up banners and signs in Hebrew, Arabic and English protesting the theft of their land by the Israeli government for the construction of the Annexation … Continue reading

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27 Apr 2007

The nearly 300 olive trees planted near Karmi Tsur by the people of Beit Ommar along with international and Israeli activists lasted 4 days before the Israeli army and settlers uprooted them. Though the land is considered by even the Israeli High Court to be Palestinian, and a commander on site when the trees were planted last saturday said the farmers were allowed to plant there, other soldiers promised that they would simply come later and uproot the trees, and they kept their word. When PSP went to check on the trees, we found only 7 remaining. Though we were prevented by settler security from checking the entire length … Continue reading

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24 Apr 2007

On April 15, 2007 The Israeli Occupation Forces bulldozed a small area of land across the street from the Watchtower of Beit Ommar, giving no explanation and leaving shortly after PSP observers showed up. A few days later, it became clear why. The soldiers came again with a large crane and bulldozer and dismantled the current watchtower (using the bulldozed area where fruit trees once stood as a temporary resting place for the old watchtower), only to replace it with a watchtower nearly twice as tall. The soldiers closed the entrance to vehicular traffic into and out of Beit Ommar for two days as they completed the construction. No … Continue reading

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22 Apr 2007

Yesterday, the Popular Committee of Beit Ommar invited international and Israeli activists to plant 300 olive trees in the land near the extremist settlement, Karmi Tsur. Karmi Tsur has been a focus of Palestine Solidarity Project’s work recently because of its aggressive policy of consficating land from Beit Ommar and harassing farmers working their land near the settlement. Yesterday, over 30 Palestinian farmers of Beit Ommar along with nearly 20 Israeli and international activists continued their defiance of the confisgation of their land by planting nearly 300 olive trees along settlement fence and in the fields just below.
When soldiers arrived they first were given the order that the … Continue reading

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21 Apr 2007

At 12 pm April 20, the Israeli Occupation Forces once again invaded Beit Ommar. This time, 4 soldiers came first on foot into a densely populated area near the center of town. They began to shoot dozens of tear gas canisters and hundreds of rubber-coated steel bullets around and into nearby houses. One older man from the Beit Ommar Popular Committee, who was standing on his porch at the time, was shot in the shoulder with a rubber-coated steel bullet. The army also shot live ammunition into the streets, though thankfully no one was injured.
During the three hour invasion which did not seem to serve any obvious … Continue reading