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1 Jul 2011
U.S. Boat to Gaza Prevented from Sailing.  Contact Greek Embassies in the U.S.!

Earlier this evening the U.S. Boat to Gaza, The Audacity of Hope, was prevented from sailing into the Mediterranean Sea by the Greek Coast Guard.

PSP activist from Chicago Max “Jeff” Suchan sent the following message at 9:30pm Palestine time:

As we tried to leave the port of Athens on the Audacity of Hope, we were blocked by the Greek coast guard and after a standoff, we have been ordered to dock in what has been called a military area of the port. No one is allowed off the boat and it is unclear whether we are currently being detained.

The U.S. Boat to Gaza is calling on supporters to contact their local Greek Embassies and demand that the Audacity of … Continue reading

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30 Jun 2011

By Max Suchan

In the past few months, my family and friends keep asking me why I am participating in the Freedom Flotilla as a passenger on the US boat, the Audacity of Hope. As part of this initiative, 40 of us have gathered in Athens in the hope of sailing towards Gaza in the coming days to challenge the Israeli naval blockade. We will join ten boats in international waters consisting of hundreds of passengers from 22 countries around the world. This second Freedom Flotilla comes a little over a year after Israeli commandos killed eight Turkish and one Turkish-American activist as they were attempting to deliver humanitarian aid on-board the Mavi Marmara when the ship … Continue reading

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5 Jun 2010
International Activist Arrested at Beit Ommar Solidarity Demo with Flotilla

Jamie, a British national, was arrested today during a demonstration in Beit Ommar. While the main group of Palestinians were prevented from participating, a small group including PSP activists and Beit Ommar National Committee members, walked through the fence that was cut open in a previous demonstration and marched along Route 60 (not stopping traffic), carrying Turkish and Palestinian flags. They were soon corralled into an area in front of a shop where they stopped and made speeches of solidarity with the people on the Freedom Flotilla, the recently stopped Rachel Corrie boat, as well as the 3 people injured and 2 killed by settlers in the … Continue reading

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5 Jun 2010

By Ali Abunimah

[PSP Editor note: the fabricated video and the original video are available below. Both from the IDF Youtube channel.]

Today, Israel released what it claimed to be the audio of a conversation between Israeli naval vessels and the Turkish-owned ship Mavi Marmara which occurred prior to the Israeli assault that killed at least 9 passengers and injured dozens more in the early hours of 31 May in international waters in the eastern Mediterranean. This audio clip, which the Israelis titled “Radio Transmission from Mavi Marmara to Israeli Navy” appears to be fabricated.

The following is a transcript of the audio:

ISRAELI SHIP “This is the … Continue reading

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4 Jun 2010

Jamal Elshayyal was aboard the Turkish Aid ship the Mavi Marmara on the top deck as the Israeli raid began. He managed to get one live report off before communications were lost. His footage of the events, which he witnessed, has been confiscated by the Israeli military. Still, he states unequivocally that the Israeli military used lethal force against the demonstrators before even boarding the ship, in direct contradiction to Israel’s official line. This has also been supported by testimony from Haneen Zuabi, a Palestinian member of the Israeli Parliament, who was also aboard the Mavi Marmara.
Here is Elshayyal’s report after he was released from Israeli detention:

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3 Jun 2010

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By Udi Aloni

I am writing these words with great pain and suppressed rage. I know that few are the Jews in Israel whose heart is open to the pain of their Palestinian brothers and sisters, and yet, I refuse to give up on this brotherhood.

I myself was almost on board one of the ships that made their way to Gaza, primarily in order to help and tell the world about her suffering, but also in order to say that among us, the Jewish citizens of Israel, there are some whose sense of justice, grace and brotherhood has not become blunt even under the patriotic psychosis that has taken over the best part of us.

But I was afraid … Continue reading

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2 Jun 2010

From the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

(1st June 2010, 3pm) Yesterday’s Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in which up to 19 human rights activists were murdered in international waters has not deterred the Irish cargo ship the MV Rachel Corrie which is currently en route to Gaza and hopes to arrive this Saturday. Meanwhile the fall-out from the attack has pressured Egypt into opening the Rafah Crossing.

In the Dail, an all party motion which calls upon the government to ensure the safe passage of the MV Rachel Corrie and calls for the blockade of Gaza to be lifted is expected to be passed at around 7pm this evening. The IPSC welcomes this motion and hopes the Israeli government … Continue reading

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1 Jun 2010
First Hand Accounts from the Gaza Flotilla Raid, Including Free Gaza Organizer Huwaida Arraf

Below is a link to an interview with Huwaida Arraf, Free Gaza Movement organizer who was on the flotilla, with CNN:

Other first-hand accounts:

Originally from

photo from AFP

Israel has started releasing some of the 700 passengers it captured after troops stormed a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza.

Turkey has sent three planes, including two military ambulance aircraft, to bring its nationals home.

Six Greek activists returned to Athens after being expelled from Israel, and a former US ambassador who was also on the ship was on a flight home.

Here are excerpts of what some of the freed passengers had to say:

Issam … Continue reading