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16 Aug 2015
Another Night Raid in Beit Ommar

Israeli forces raided several homes and detained three young men in Beit Ommar on 13 August. 19-year-old Ammar Sadim Sleibi, 18-year-old Muhammad Shihdah Sleibi 17-year-old Muataz Muhammad Abu Maria were arrested. Muhammad is the nephew of Falah Abu Maria, who was killed on 23 July by Israeli soldiers when he ran to the aid of his son who had been shot while peacefully resisting arrest.

Following a funeral in Beit Ommar for Falah Abu Maria, at 3 am around 20 soldiers entered the village in jeeps, with police dogs and fired tear gas. During the raids, soldiers assaulted the detainees, … Continue reading

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23 Sep 2013
Hebron Placed Under Lockdown After Shooting

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces placed Hebron under a complete lockdown, causing traffic delays, after an Israeli was shot and killed in the West Bank city hours earlier.

Israeli soldiers closed the entrances and raided houses on Tariq Bin Ziyad and Jawhar streets, a Ma’an reporter said.

Soldiers forced males out of some homes at gunpoint and assembled them at a junction on Tariq Bin Ziyad street.

Near the junction, Israeli soldiers were also holding up an ambulance that was taking a woman in labor to hospital, a medic said.

The medic said that the woman was about to give birth but the soldiers refused to let the ambulance … Continue reading

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21 Apr 2013
Violent Clashes Between Palestinian Youth and IOF

On the afternoon of April 19th violent clashes erupted between Beit Ommar youth and the Israeli Occupation Forces. The clashes took place close to the central market and the cemetery in the village of Beit Ommar and lasted for several hours.

The soldiers shot a lot of tear gas leaving dozens of people suffocating. The IOF also used rubber bullets and several people were injured because they were shot. Two persons were brought to the hospital with serious injuries; one person shot in his neck and the other person was shot in the hand that left him with a broken bone. The Israeli Occupation Forces even tried to prevent … Continue reading

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11 Jun 2012
Two Children Arrested in Night Raid on Beit Ommar

Last night, at 2:30am (Monday, June 11th, 2012), Israeli Occupation Forces based in the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur raided several houses in Beit Ommar, arresting two children.

Hamouda Jamal Abu Hashim, aged 13, and Malik Jawad Za’aqiq, aged 15, were arrested from their homes by Israeli soldiers, who fired live ammunition, tear gas, and sound bombs during the assault on the town.

Hamouda has since been released, after being subjected to intimidation and interrogated in the early hours of the morning, a tactic widely used by the Israeli military which has recently drawn the anger of several human rights groups. At the time of writing, Malik remains in detention.

Arresting and detaining minors – often without charge – … Continue reading

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8 May 2012
Mass Demonstrations in Beit Ommar for Imprisoned Hunger Strikers Met with Israeli Military Violence

On May 8th, 2012, multiple demonstrations were held in Hebron, Beit Ommar and surrounding villages in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike.

In Hebron, students from the Hebron district came together and marched in the center of town. Close to one thousand people were present with posters and flags, and youth from all the surrounding areas were present in the march.

In Beit Ommar, Israeli soldiers entered the town in the afternoon and occupied several people’s homes, firing teargas and rubber-coated bullets at the children in the street. In the evening, villagers marched in the town supporting Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahla. Continue reading

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30 Mar 2012
Marking Land Day in Beit Ommar, 30 March 2012

Today, March 30th, 2012, demonstrations took place all over Palestine commemorating Land Day. On March 30, 1976, thousands of Palestinians gathered to protest Israeli government plans to confiscate 60,000 dunams of Arab-owned land in the Galilee. Israeli forces killed six Palestinians that day, and wounded and jailed hundreds. Palestinians continue to mark this day to protest the ongoing expropriation of Palestinian land.

In Beit Ommar, a peaceful demonstration took place at the entrance of the town, which is located on Route 60. Before reaching the gates of the town, which were closed by the Israeli military to keep people from … Continue reading

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9 Nov 2011
Israeli Settlers Torch Three Palestinian Cars in Beit Ommar

On November 9th, 2011 at around 1:30pm, Palestinian residents of Beit Ommar were harassed by a group of settlers accompanied by Israeli soldiers. The attack occurred in an area of the village not far from the illegal settlement of Bat Ayn, one of the most ideologically colonialist and dangerous settlements in the West Bank.

The Israeli soldiers accompanied the settlers on the back roads towards Beit Ommar, only a few kilometers from the settlement. The settlers then proceeded to set fire to three Palestinian cars, and two of them were totally … Continue reading

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14 Oct 2011
Three Arrested in another Late-Night Army Raid in Beit Ommar

Beit Ommar October 2011. At about three o’clock in the morning three persons were arrested in a late night millitary raid in Beit Ommar; Abed Helail aged 41, Mohammad Yousef Bahar 17 years old, and Ahmad Mahmoud Sohaibe 20 years old.
No reason was given for the arrests.

Several arrests have occured in Beit Ommar the last few weeks. Report here

Two days ago the soliders arrested Yousef Ahmad Halil Abu Hashem. Report here

The army raids in Beit Ommar have … Continue reading

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12 Oct 2011
One Arrested in Late-Night Army Raid in Beit Ommar

Beit Ommar 11th October 2011:

Yousef Ahmad Halil Abu Hashem was arrested along with his father, Ahmad Abu Hashem, at 02:30 Tuesday morning in the old city of Beit Ommar. Ahamd Abu Hashem is an active member of the popular committee in Beit Ommar.

The Israeli army came to Ahmad Abu Hashem’s house in the middle of the night with more than a hundred soldiers, seven jeeps and two buses, including three dogs. The soldiers used a ladder to climb the wall, and established a command point on the roof, after having broken open the front door of the house on the ground floor.

All family members were made to lie on the floor, while the soldiers brought in … Continue reading

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21 Sep 2011
Israeli Army Escalates Presence in Beit Ommar

21st September: For the past two days, Israeli military forces have repeatedly entered the town of Beit Ommar, advancing along the main street and firing teargas and concussion grenades. Groups of soldiers ranging in number from six to twenty-five occupied the road close to the entrance to the town for hours at a time, occasionally closing the army-installed steel gate, which closes the town to Palestinians.

Last (Tuesday) night the military also fired flares over the village and the neighbouring Al Arub refugee … Continue reading