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21 Sep 2012
Fire at a House Threatened With Demolition

On Wednesday 19th of September at 5 a.m. the home of Mohamad Abdulmajid Arar, his wife Fatima and their six children caught fire. The house is located in the south of Beit Ommar close to the colony of Karmei Tsur. Palestinian fire trucks and police, both from the village and Hebron, came to extinguish. Luckily there were no Israeli occupation forces to stop the firefighters from doing their job considering the home is in area C.

None of the family members were home when the fire broke out but the fire department was alerted by a neighbour. Mohamad was at a hospital in Jordan with his sick daughter and returned to a ruined home Wednesday afternoon.

The fire caused severe … Continue reading

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29 Aug 2012
Occupation Destroys Tents and Wells, and Settlers Burn Vehicles, in Hebron

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On Tuesday morning (28/08/12), Israeli occupation forces demolished 5 tents and 3 wells in Znota and two tents in Susiya, south of Hebron. Settlers also burned 3 cars near the town of Seir, situated east of Hebron.

Local sources said that a force of Israeli soldiers, accompanied by a bulldozer, demolished 5 tents and 3 wells in Khirbet Znota and, over the course of the demolition, beat a number of citizens who were protesting against this action.

According to sources, this property is owned by Oudah Abu Sharkh, Adeis Abu Sharkh, Nabil Smamrh and Mohammed Khaled Smamrh. In Susiya, two tents, which were home to Mohammed Moussa and … Continue reading

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25 Aug 2012
Further House Demolitions Ordered in Beit Ommar

[caption id="attachment_5980" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Younes holding the demolition order for his Beit Ommar home."][/caption]
Further House demolitions are set to take place after Israeli occupation authorities issued demolition orders for two homes in Beit Ommar, Hebron on Wednesday. The Israeli Civil Administration officials, accompanied by soldiers, issued the orders to Younes Z’Aqeq and Jawed Awad, whose homes are located near to the Karmei Tzur colony. Z’Aqeq and Awad have all the legal documents required to prove ownership of their land. These new demolitions follow the news, in June, that

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12 Oct 2011
House Demolished in Al-Jab`a

October 11th 2011: In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Israeli army bulldozers demolished a house in Al-Jab`a, not far from the illegal settlement of Bet Ayin.

The owner Naser Hassan Salim Alin Athous witnessed the demolition from his fields. His family have lived in the area for many generations. The demolished home was planned to house 14 persons.

No reason was given for the demolition.

The destruction of the Athous’ home comes less than a month … Continue reading

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13 Sep 2011
Israeli Army Demolish Two Buildings in Beit Ommar Area [caption id="attachment_3871" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The Israeli army bulldozed the house at 4am"][/caption]

Tuesday 13th September – In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Israeli army bulldozers demolished two buildings, one home in Beit Ommar, and one car parts shop in the neighbouring Al Rub refugee camp.

[caption id="attachment_3884" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Fayiz at the site of his demolished home."][/caption]

In Beit Ommar, a army bulldozer demolished a house which was under construction near the Route 60 highway, which runs past the entrance to the town. The building’s owner, Fayiz Nasr Khalyir, 47, had planned to house … Continue reading

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11 Jun 2011
2 Detained, Blindfolded by Israeli Military in Illegal Demolition Near Al Hadidya, Jordan Valley

At 3pm yesterday 2 army jeeps carrying 8 soldiers came to the home of the Oudeh family. They demanded that the family take down their tent house and their two animal shelters. The army did not present the family with a demolition order or any other documents requiring the family to leave their land.

The Oudeh family live near Al Hadidya, in the northern Jordan Valley. Al Hadidya is in the shadow of Roi’i settlement, and adjacent to an army training area. While the family is originally from Hebron, they have lived near Al Hadidya since before the Israeli … Continue reading