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23 Jun 2014
5 Killed, Hundreds Detained, Universities, Media Centers and Community Organizations Raided as Israel Continues Brutal Assault on Occupied Palestine

Israel has been conducting a massive offensive on the West Bank and Gaza since June 13, when 3 Israeli settlers went missing from the Etzion settlement block overnight. While Israeli media and politicians continue to insist publicly that the offensive is directed at Hamas, who it claims is responsible for the disappearance, the actions of the Israeli Forces suggest a very different agenda.

Five Killed in Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus Districts
Israel has said that while the operation (dubbed Operation Brother’s Keeper) is focused on searching for the missing settlers in the Hebron District, from the fist day of the offensive they have used massive … Continue reading

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7 May 2010
Jewish Settlers Set Fire to Mosque in Nablus District

The small village of Al Libban (Libban al Sharquia) sits in rolling hills planted with olive trees, approximately half way between Ramallah and Nablus. The villagers are simple fellahin – farmers – growing wheat and fruit in addition to their olive trees. The pride of the village is the central mosque, an impressive, large structure, built in 1977 and the only mosque currently in operation.

That was, until the night of Tuesday 4th May when fire gutted the mosque’s interior, destroying carpets, furniture, numerous Korans and the building’s fixtures and fittings. The visitor now witnesses a scene of total devastation. The blackened walls, floor and ceiling have a nighmarish quality and it is hard to imagine that this was once a … Continue reading

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21 Mar 2010
Second Teen Dies Overnight After IDF Shooting in Iraq Burin

photograph from FLV at Palestine Monitor

A second teen, 19 year-old Useid Qaddus, died early Sunday morning after being shot in the head with live ammunition during a demonstration in Iraq Burin, Nablus region, on Saturday. Mohammed Qaddus, 16, was killed after being shot in the heart on the same day. Though the Israeli military officially denied using live ammunition, photographs of entry and exit wounds in Mohammed, taken by a B’tselem field worker, as well as x-rays obtained from the hospital for both youth clearly identify a live bullet lodged in the skull of Useid and wounds that could only be caused by live ammunition.

The killings occurred Saturday, when local residents marched on their land against settlement expansion … Continue reading