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Beit Ommar, Direct Action »

28 Nov 2009
Palestine Solidarity Project Reclaims Israeli-Built Electricity Towers

Thursday, November 26, residents of Beit Ommar, along with members of PSP and international volunteers sought to remind the Israeli military and settlers of the ownership of privately-owned Palestinian land on which an electricity line is being built. Led by Mousa Abu Maria, son of the land owner Abdelhamid Abu Maria, the group made their way to the electricity towers. They then hoisted a Palestinian flag between the towers, flying high above Route 60 for the settlers of Gush Etzion (for whom the new electricity line … Continue reading

Beit Ommar »

19 Nov 2009
Home Occupied By Israeli Forces in Beit Ommar

Last night, November 17, at approximately 10pm soldiers occupied a home in Beit Ommar. The owner of the home, Khalid Sabarna is a doctor in Beit Ommar. Doctor Sabarna’s home, which is currently under construction, is approximately 1 kilometre from the main road. A group from Palestine Solidarity Project went to the house the next morning and observed the Israeli flag flying from house. Internationals and PSP members climbed the steps to the 2nd floor but were stopped by soldiers who refused to let them enter the house any further or take pictures. The soldier in charge said there was an officer coming to explain the situation, but the … Continue reading

Apartheid Wall, Ni'lin »

9 Nov 2009

On Friday, the residents of Ni’lin once again dismantled a section of the concrete wall constructed on their land by the Israeli military. Though Erroneously reported by some organizations as the first time this has happened, the residents of Ni’lin had also torn down the wall in September.
This week’s demonstration and dismantling held special importance for Palestinians, as it coincided with the 20th anniversary of the dismantling of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The Annexation Wall in Palestine, which is approximately 70% complete and is being built mostly on privately-owned Palestinian agricultural land throughout the West Bank by the Israeli military … Continue reading

Al-Jab'a, Beit Ommar »

9 Nov 2009
PSP Concludes Olive Harvest in Al-Jab'a

PSP activists, along with Israeli solidarity activists, joined the residents of the small town of Al-Jab’a in harvesting their olives near the Gush Etzion checkpoint. Al-Jab’a, a town of 800 people, is totally cut off from the rest of the Palestinian West Bank, including Beit Ommar and Sourif, its neighbors, by roadblocks. If the Annexation Barrier is completed as currently planned, Al-Jab’a will be in the “seam zone”, surrounded by Israeli settlements on the “Israeli side” of the Barrier, totally cut off from the Palestinian territories. It has had much of its agricultural land confiscated de facto because of its proximity to the large Etzion settlement bloc and … Continue reading

settlement expansion, Susiya »

2 Nov 2009
After Settlers Destroy Olive Trees, Activists Join Farmers to Harvest

This week international and Israeli solidarity activists along with members of PSP, joined farmers near the Susiya settlement to harvest their remaining olives after several of their trees were cut down by settlers. The farmers arrived to their land one week ago to find trees across several dunums of land had been cut down and left to die on the arid ground. A few days later, the owners of the land returned to clear the area and harvest what they could from the felled trees and remaining groves. The settlers of the South Hebron Hills, where Susiya is located, are some of the most … Continue reading

Beit Ommar »

23 Oct 2009
After Harassment on Tuesday, Farmers, Activists Successfully Harvest in Saffa

On Tuesday, October 20, a small group of Israeli and international activists from Anarchists Against the Wall, Rabbis for Human Rights, and PSP, joined Abu Jabber Soleiby and his family to again harvest his few olive trees. The Abu Jabber and Hamad Soleiby families have not been allowed to work freely on their land without either Israeli settler attacks and/or Israeli military intervention, since March of this year. PSP, along with Israeli activists, have had an on-going campaign that has lasted over 5 months, accompanying the farmers to their land which lies in a valley in the Saffa area of Beit Ommar, just below the … Continue reading

Beit Ommar »

20 Oct 2009
Farmers, Along with Solidarity Activists, Return to Saffa to Work

This Sunday, 5 Israeli activists and 3 international activists with PSP, along with other Palestinian volunteers, joined the family of Abu Jabber Soleiby to pick olives on their land in the valley just below the Bat ‘Ayn settlement. After the deployment of a large number of soldiers last week that prevented anyone from entering the area, this week the Israeli military was caught unawares and the farmers, along with the solidarity activists, were able to work in the privately-owned Palestinian fields for nearly 2 hours, picking olives from the trees remaining after several acts of vandalism by Israeli Jewish settlers that destroyed much of the agricultural land in … Continue reading

Beit Ommar, settlement expansion »

19 Oct 2009
Destruction of Agricultural Land in Beit Ommar for Electricity to the Settlements

On October 17, 2009 AbdelHamid Ahmed Abu Maria, father of PSP activists Mousa and Yousef Abu Maria, was told that Israeli soldiers had arrived on his land near the Arroub Agricultural University with bulldozers. When Mousa and an international solidarity activist with PSP arrived in the area, they saw that Israeli forces had bulldozed more than 1.5 acres of agricultural land, belonging to Yousef Abdel-Izzat Abu Maria, Abdelhamid Ahmed Abu Maria, and Ahmed Mohammed Ikhlayl in order to build two large electricity towers. The position of … Continue reading

Apartheid Wall, Betlehem District, Ni'lin »

17 Oct 2009
Anti-Barrier Demonstrations This Friday

In Al-Ma’asara, Palestinians were joined by their regular Israeli and international solidarity activists in a march towards the lands belonging to the residents of Al-Ma’asara, Um Salamuna, and Wadi An-Nis. Though there hasn’t been any construction on the actual barrier in nearly a year, the scar of the patrol road that is part of the matrix of the barrier in rural areas can be seen from the edge of the village. As has become routine in Al-Ma’asara, the Israeli army blocked the procession from advancing beyond the edge of the village and onto the main road that runs past their agricultural land. Children from the village … Continue reading

Beit Ommar »

12 Oct 2009
Mehdi Abu Ayyesh, 17, Dies After Being Shot by the Israeli Military

Today, October 12, 2009, Mehdi Sa’id Abu Ayyesh finally succumbed to his injuries in a hospital in Hebron. He was shot in the head with live ammunition, believed by his doctors to have been a .22 caliber bullet fired with a ruger rifle, which the Israeli military insists is “non-lethal”, on the evening of March 4, 2009 outside his home during an Israeli military invasion. Israeli forces said he threw rocks at them. He was taken to the hospital in Hebron, where he remained in a coma with bullet fragments in his brain, until his now-emaciated body finally rejected the ventilator and … Continue reading