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11 Oct 2009
"Day of Anger", General Strike in Palestinian Territories

Throughout the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem Palestinians closed their shops and held demonstrations on Friday as various Palestinian movements throughout Occupied Palestine called for a “Day of anger” in response to the closure of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound to Muslim worshippers and the provocative actions of Israeli Jewish settlers, who were accompanied onto the compound by Israeli military forces last week.
During a demonstration organized by various political parties in Beit Ommar, Israeli forces invaded the village, provoking outrage by the local residents, some of whom responded by throwing stones and setting fire to tires to create a roadblock to prevent more Israeli … Continue reading

Hebron District, settlement expansion »

4 Oct 2009
At-Tuwani Puts Down Roots in Face of Israeli Settlement Expansion

This Saturday, October 3, residents of the small town of At-Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills were accompanied by approximately 40 international and Israeli solidarity activists on a tree-planting mission. The group walked out of town in the direction of Ma’on, an illegal Israeli settlement that has been expanding with great speed in the last few months. In September alone, 6 new homes were erected near the settlement, continuing to encroach on privately-owned Palestinian land. In response to this illegal expansion, the popular committee of At-Tuwani organized a mass tree-planting session. Activists spent several hours clearing the ground and planting fruit trees throughout the area near the … Continue reading

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4 Oct 2009
Farmers Denied Access to Land in Saffa, Yet Again

This Saturday, October 3, international and Israeli activists, along with PSP committee members, attempted to accompany Abu Jabber Soleiby and his family to his land in the Wad Arish valley, in the Saffa district of Beit Ommar. Since the completion of Ramadan and the Muslim holidays, the farmers wished to again tend to their land, in preparation for some repair work that they intend to begin, with the support of PSP and Israeli solidarity activists, this month. Instead, the Israeli military, with an unusual show of force even for the often-brutalized Beit Ommar, prevented farmers and activists alike from accessing the valley. The soldiers, who were even more … Continue reading

Apartheid Wall, Ni'lin »

2 Oct 2009
Anti-Barrier Demonstrations With New Urgency During Olive Harvest

The weekly protest against the wall in Ni’lin was the first one held during the olive harvest season. This is also the first harvest season since the completion of the wall on Ni’lin land, and the village is waiting to see whether the occupation forces will fulfill their stated commitment to allow the villagers access to their land across the Barrier.
Families who still have remaining olive trees that haven’t been confiscated through the construction of the Annexation Barrier have begun the work of picking the olives. Ni’lin families with olive trees beyond the wall haven’t been allowed to cross over to harvest them yet, as the army has requested a list of names from the municipality.

The protesters marched … Continue reading

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2 Sep 2009

At approximately 2:30 am Monday morning, several units of Israeli forces entered Beit Ommar. They barged into more than a dozen homes, ransacking them, and eventually arresting 7 youth. The young men, ages 17 to 21, were from the Abu Maria, Awad, and Ikhlayl families. Israeli forces have once again begun a series of raids of the village, home to 17,000 people, both during the day and in the night. For the past three days, Israeli soldiers have set up flying checkpoints in the Tariq Al-Ayn section of Beit Ommar, near the Palestine Solidarity Project home and center, detaining drivers, stopping and searching random residents, and otherwise harassing local men. The reasons for the … Continue reading

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22 Aug 2009
1 Arrested During Demonstration Against Settlement Expansion in Beit Ommar

Construction of a road has begun on Palestinian land right outside the settlement Karmei Tsur, between Beit Omar and Halhoul, about two weeks ago. The construction has happened between the edge of the settlement and a “security fence” that the military built three years ago. This agricultural land still belongs to the Palestinian families of Abu Maria, Soleiby, Awwad, Abu Ayyesh, and Sabarna. However, entry to their land since the building of the fence has required a permit from Israel, which most Palestinian families refuse to apply for, maintaining that the land is rightfully theirs.
Friday, August 21, a group of Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals held a demonstration … Continue reading

East Jerusalem, Jerusalem District »

18 Aug 2009

On Monday August 17th, Governor Mike Huckabee attended a dinner with right-wing Israeli officials at the Shepherds Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem. The Shepherd’s Hotel was an Arab-run hotel that was bought over by Jewish-American millionaire Irving Moskowitz in 1985. Since then, plans to build another Jewish settlement on the site of the hotel in the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah have been underway. Mike Huckabee was here supporting the settler movement, claiming that Israel had the right to build wherever they wanted in their own country, even when East Jerusalem is acknowledged internationally as the occupied capital of a future Palestinian state.

Peace Now, an Israeli organization fighting against settlements in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, … Continue reading

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15 Aug 2009
International Activists Beaten, Arrested Attempting to Accompany Farmers in Saffa

Today, at 8 am, international activists with the Palestine Solidarity Project and International Solidarity Movement, along with Palestinian members of PSP, accompanied the family of Abu Jabber Soleiby to plow their land in Saffa, near the illegal Israeli settlement Bat ’Ayin. The family has been confronted with ongoing harrasment by the Israeli Military and violent attacks by settlers from Bat ’Ayin. Today, the group of over 20 people was stopped by dozens of Israeli soldiers and Border Police near the edge of the Saffa built-up area. Initially, the military insisted that the farmers needed permits, and then IDs, to enter their privately-owned … Continue reading

Beit Ommar, Settler Violence »

14 Aug 2009

At 7:00 am on 12th August 2009 three PSP activists accompanied Abu Jabbar and his family to their field in the Saffa Valley. Abu Jabber and his family which included his wife, son and daughter picked grapes for approximately 30 minutes in their field till the group was alerted by shouts coming from the direction of the Bat ’Ayin Settlement which overlooks the Saffa valley. The group spotted a few settlers talking to Israeli soldiers in a military jeep and then a few minutes later, there was another military jeep approaching the group from the Bat ’Ayin settlement. At that moment Abu Jabbar suggested to the PSP activists that they should leave from the field before the soldiers … Continue reading

Beit Ommar, Settler Violence »

5 Aug 2009

On Tuesday, August 4th at 8am, eight international activists and members of the Palestine Solidarity Project committee accompanied Abu Jabber Soleiby and his family to his land in Saffa near the Bat Ayin settlement. While the farmers had enough time to harvest a small amount of the year’s first grapes. the international activists were forced to make a detour around a small group of Israeli soldiers at the edge of the built-up area in Saffa before they joined the Palestinians in the valley. After the farmers had been in the valley for more than an hour, one Israeli military jeep arrived between the settlement and the Palestinian agricultural land. The farmers, satisfied with their small collection of … Continue reading