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2 Feb 2014
Palestinians Found Melih Al Ard, Al Awda Protest Camps Against Israeli Annexation in Jordan Valley

UPDATE: Israeli forces attempted to remove activists from Melih Al Ard last night, but were repulsed by the activists, according to Ma’an News.

On January 31, 2014, a group of over 300 Palestinians and their supporters reclaimed an ancient Canaanite village, Ein Hijleh, and renamed it “Melh Al Ard” or Salt of the Earth. These actions, coordinated with Popular Committees and activist groups from across the West Bank and ’48 territories, were founded as a protest against Israel’s ongoing confiscation and demolition of Palestinian homes and land in the Jordan Valley, and their position in the Kerry-led “negotiations” to retain the Jordan Valley in any future “peace agreement”. Today a second camp named “Al Awda” or “Return” was founded … Continue reading

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22 Apr 2012
Boy, 15, To Appear In Court For The 8th Time

Basel Abu Maria was arrested on March 6, 2012, when a total of sixty soldiers in ten military jeeps raided houses in Beit Ommar at 2 a.m. He was taken by the soldiers without getting time to put on more clothes in the cold night.

This was of course a frightening event for the whole family. Basel’s little sister was especially upset by the event, and is now scared at night, refusing to go to the toilet alone.

She and her other siblings talk about their big brother every day.

That same night, two other boys were arrested, with another three arrests taking place the following night. None of these boys … Continue reading