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18 Feb 2013
PSP Statement Regarding Samer Issawi and Palestinian Prisoners

For years, we have been trying to raise the world’s awareness about the barbaric and unjust fate of the Palestinian political prisoners. The latter, that Israel attempts to destroy by means of torture and imprisonment under horrible conditions, have been resisting for decades. Not less than 800,000 Palestinians, men, women and children, went through the Israeli jails since the occupation in June 1967. With regard to the size of the Palestinian population, that would mean the equivalent of 15 million French or British citizens being jailed during the same period!
Did you know that when a Palestinian prisoner dies in an Israeli jail (and there are many), most of the time his corpse is not given back to his family before … Continue reading

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2 May 2012
Demonstration in Hebron in Support of Palestinian Hunger Strikers

On Monday, April 30th and Tuesday, May 1st, 2012, around 200 people held a demonstration in support of the Palestinian hunger strikers.

The demonstrators gathered in and around a tent in central Hebron. Many mothers and fathers brought pictures of their sons, and signs on the walls read “stop the war crimes, free the prisoners” and “hunger strikers are heroes”.

Speeches were made in support of the prisoners and their heroic actions, calling for their release, and for Israel to abolish the inhumane practice of administrative detention.

Since the 17th of April, around 2000 prisoners have joined the Karamah hunger strikes, in protest at their inhumane and illegal detention … Continue reading