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6 Feb 2010

Either the Israeli military’s intelligence isn’t that good, or the unit(s) assigned to the Beit Ommar were just looking for a clash. This morning, Saturday, February 6, 7 military jeeps with 30 soldiers arrived in Saffa, a district of Beit Ommar that has been under intense military repression and settler violence for more than 8 months. They came, despite the fact that there was no planned action this week, as in weeks past during several tree-planting missions and follow-up visits after farmers were informed that the land was being declared Israeli “state land” and therefore the more than 800 trees planted in the area would be uprooted.

Their arrival, and closing of the only street in Saffa, provoked local … Continue reading

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4 Feb 2010
New Saffa Update: Land Was NOT Declared 'State Land'...Yet

Update: Preliminary research done by Peace Now has revealed that the area in which farmers from Saffa planted trees (to replace what was destroyed by settlers from Bat ‘Ayn) that the Israeli military announced it would uproot last week was not registered as Israeli ‘state land’ in the 1970′s as they previously claimed. They are, however, in the process of declaring it state land, a legal maneuver to confiscate the land from the Palestinians who have been using it since the before the creation of the state of Israel.

Update February 1, 2010: Farmers Prevented from Accessing Land Ahead of Uprooting

On Saturday, January 30, a group of farmers from Beit Ommar and Saffa, including those from the Thalji family whose … Continue reading

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28 Jan 2010
Order to Uproot Trees

Today, January 28, at approximately 10:30am Israeli soldiers and representatives of the Civil Administration (the liason body between the Israeli military and Palestinian civilians) approached farmers from the ‘Adi and Soleiby farmers in the Saffa area of Beit Ommar and handed them a military order that stated their intention to uproot trees the farmers had planted two weeks ago as part of PSP’s massive replanting Saffa project. The order stated that the farmers had planted these trees on Israeli-owned state lands and they had 48 hours to appeal in Israeli civilian court.

Lawyers with Rabbis for Human Rights, who also supported and participated in the re-planting Saffa campaign investigated the issue and found that the Israeli government claimed it had … Continue reading

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13 Jan 2010
Israeli soldiers attack farmers in Saffa [caption id="attachment_1169" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Israeli soldiers attack farmers in Saffa"][/caption]

In one of the most extreme shows of force used against a tree-planting action, today around 1pm, dozens of Israeli soldiers entered the neighborhood of Saffa, in Beit Ommar. They began to attack farmers from the ‘Adi and Soleiby families, who had been planting trees they obtained with Israeli and international support as part of a larger tree-planting program of the Palestine Solidarity Project for several hours in the Wadi Arish area below the Bat ‘Ayn settlement. Soldiers fired rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas at the farmers and amongst the … Continue reading

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9 Jan 2010

Three farmers from the Soleiby family, Jabber Soleiby, 42, his brother Hassan, 37, and cousin Fathi Soleiby, 42, were working their land in the Wadi Abu Rish area of Saffa, just under the Bat ‘Ain settlement early this morning when a crowd of approximately 40 settlers descended on them from the settlement, throwing stones, some with slingshots. The farmers fled the area, fearing they would be harmed. All three men, sons of Mohammed Soleiby and Abdullah Soleiby, know all too well how dangerous large crowds of settlers can be: Abdullah Soleiby, 82, had his skull fractured in April, 2009 by settlers who attacked him and his brother, holding Abdullah down as they bashed his head in with stones.

Israeli … Continue reading

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21 Dec 2009

On December 20, 2009 at 9am four farmers from Beit Ommar, Mohammed Ikhlayl, ‘Ayed Ikhlayl, Kalil Ikhlayl, and ‘Ali Nayef, were plowing their agricultural land approximately 700 meters from the Bat ‘Ayn settlement, alone. Suddenly, they were shot at four times from inside the settlement. No one was hit but Israeli soldiers arrived shortly after, acknowledging that they knew settlers had shot at the farmers, and demanding that the Palestinians leave in order to “avoid problems”. The farmers refused, and remained on their land for another 2 hours before they were finally forced to leave by the Israeli soldiers. At no time did the Israeli soldiers, in theory in charge of security for the area but … Continue reading

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14 Dec 2009
Palestinians Locked Down as Settlers Jog On Major Palestinian Highway

Updated: Video

Today at approximately 12 noon, settlers from the Karmei Tsur settlement between the Palestinian villages of Beit Ommar and Halhul, blocked Route 60, the main highway between Jerusalem and Hebron, used by settlers as well as Palestinians. They began attacking Palestinian cars on the road, jumping in front of them and forcing them to stop before damaging the vehicles and in at least 5 cases, opening the car doors and beating the Palestinians inside. Shortly afterward, scores of Israeli military and civilian police … Continue reading

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11 Dec 2009

December in southern Occupied Palestine is the ideal time to begin planting new trees to replace what was destroyed in the previous year. For more than 6 months, since the beginning of April, 2009, Palestine Solidarity Project has been accompanying the three brothers Abdullah, Mohammed, and Hamad Soleiby and their families to work on their land in Saffa near the Bat ‘Ayin settlement. They suffered enormous loss physically and financially at the hands of arguably the most extreme settlers in the West Bank. Both Abdullah and Hamad were seriously injured by settlers this year, and all three lost over 500 fruit trees, including old olive trees, to intentional destruction by Jewish Israeli settlers.

From our … Continue reading

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23 Oct 2009
After Harassment on Tuesday, Farmers, Activists Successfully Harvest in Saffa

On Tuesday, October 20, a small group of Israeli and international activists from Anarchists Against the Wall, Rabbis for Human Rights, and PSP, joined Abu Jabber Soleiby and his family to again harvest his few olive trees. The Abu Jabber and Hamad Soleiby families have not been allowed to work freely on their land without either Israeli settler attacks and/or Israeli military intervention, since March of this year. PSP, along with Israeli activists, have had an on-going campaign that has lasted over 5 months, accompanying the farmers to their land which lies in a valley in the Saffa area of Beit Ommar, just below the … Continue reading

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20 Oct 2009
Farmers, Along with Solidarity Activists, Return to Saffa to Work

This Sunday, 5 Israeli activists and 3 international activists with PSP, along with other Palestinian volunteers, joined the family of Abu Jabber Soleiby to pick olives on their land in the valley just below the Bat ‘Ayn settlement. After the deployment of a large number of soldiers last week that prevented anyone from entering the area, this week the Israeli military was caught unawares and the farmers, along with the solidarity activists, were able to work in the privately-owned Palestinian fields for nearly 2 hours, picking olives from the trees remaining after several acts of vandalism by Israeli Jewish settlers that destroyed much of the agricultural land in … Continue reading