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26 Sep 2012
Press Release: Popular Committees Organized a Protest in Front of Prime Minister’s Office

The Popular Resistance High Follow Up Commission in Palestine has called on the government to stop the negligence policy towards the popular resistance which have affected adversely the functioning, continuity and dissemination of the peaceful popular resistance in various locations in Palestine.

This call came during a protest organized this afternoon in front of the Prime Minister’s Office Dr. Salam Fayad with the participation of dozens of coordinators and members of the Popular Committees against the apartheid wall and settlement throughout the West Bank.

The protesters expressed their resentment of the government’s policy towards the Popular Resistance, which led to decline, due to the conversion of some committees in the sites to non government organizations based on unclear resources of aid associated … Continue reading

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8 Sep 2012

Prices have skyrocketed in Palestine recently. Key articles like petrol, flour and milk have all increased by more than 25%. The price of a 50 kg sack of flour is now about 60% higher than it was just recently.

This has led to a mass strike throughout the West Bank, a strike that includes everybody from taxi drivers to the teachers at schools and universities. The strikers are demanding the resignation of Salam Fayyad, whom they claim has not done enough to solve the problems regarding the sudden price increase. The strikers also call for the PA to abolish the Paris Protocol, a part of the Oslo 1 agreement that enables Israel to dictate and collect the import taxes for products … Continue reading