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20 Jan 2011

On January 17th, 2011, Israeli Authorities delivered home demolition notices to five Palestinian tent residences in Susiya, in the South Hebron Hills. The tents belong to the families of Ayssa Housena Al-Jobor, Omar Housen Al-Jobor, Ahmed Housen Al-Jobor, Ayssa Badr Al-Jobor and Omar Badr Al-Jobor.

The lawyer representing the families, Yasser Al-Jobor, confirmed that the occupation civilian administration had delivered the notices this week. It is not known when the tents will be destroyed and the families currently live in constant uncertainty.

Palestinian Bedouin villagers in Susiya and other communities in the South Hebron Hills face constant harassment from Israeli settlers as well as from the Israeli military. Residences and water wells are periodically demolished and these isolated … Continue reading

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2 Nov 2009
After Settlers Destroy Olive Trees, Activists Join Farmers to Harvest

This week international and Israeli solidarity activists along with members of PSP, joined farmers near the Susiya settlement to harvest their remaining olives after several of their trees were cut down by settlers. The farmers arrived to their land one week ago to find trees across several dunums of land had been cut down and left to die on the arid ground. A few days later, the owners of the land returned to clear the area and harvest what they could from the felled trees and remaining groves. The settlers of the South Hebron Hills, where Susiya is located, are some of the most … Continue reading

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4 Oct 2009
At-Tuwani Puts Down Roots in Face of Israeli Settlement Expansion

This Saturday, October 3, residents of the small town of At-Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills were accompanied by approximately 40 international and Israeli solidarity activists on a tree-planting mission. The group walked out of town in the direction of Ma’on, an illegal Israeli settlement that has been expanding with great speed in the last few months. In September alone, 6 new homes were erected near the settlement, continuing to encroach on privately-owned Palestinian land. In response to this illegal expansion, the popular committee of At-Tuwani organized a mass tree-planting session. Activists spent several hours clearing the ground and planting fruit trees throughout the area near the … Continue reading

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13 Jul 2009
Picnic in Susiya Disrupted By Israeli Soldiers, 1 Arrested

On Saturday, July 11, 2009, Members of Ta’ayush Movement, along with international supporters, continued their creative protest against a newly-constructed one-room outpost outside the illegal Israeli settlement of Susiya, which is built just above the Palestinian community of Susiya. This week, activists held a picnic next to the outpost, bringing a blanket, watermelon, and other summer foods, informing the Israeli military when they arrived that it was not a demonstration, but merely an outing.
Along with the construction of a “Palestinian outpost” on the land last month, the activists are attempting to bring light to the outrageous bias in Israeli policy; while the picnic was interrupted within … Continue reading