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18 Feb 2014
Excerpt: Water Torture for the Palestinians

from Haaretz. The full article by Amira Hass can be found here

So here are the facts:

* Israel doesn’t give water to the Palestinians. Rather, it sells it to them at full price.

* The Palestinians would not have been forced to buy water from Israel if it were not an occupying power which controls their natural resource, and if it were not for the Oslo II Accords, which limit the volume of water they can produce, as well as the development and maintenance of their water infrastructure.

* This 1995 interim agreement was supposed to lead to a permanent arrangement after five years. The Palestinian negotiators deluded themselves that they would gain sovereignty and thus control over their water resources.

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28 Sep 2009

From Anarchists Against the Wall

Some 100 Israeli activists left Tel Aviv and Jerusalem today to bring water to several isolated villages in the South Hebron Mount. These villages suffer more than anywhere else from Israel’s racist water policy, as they lack connection to water pipes, and suffer from army attacks on what few water wells and deposits they have. Busses where harassed several times on the way, and stopped completely near the Carmel illegal settlement, where soldiers claimed the area was a closed military zone, though no warrant was shown. Activists got off the busses and started marching, passing the bewildered soldiers and policemen and moving on towards their destination. Attempts to stop the spontaneous march failed, and the … Continue reading

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9 Aug 2009
Water Convoy Reaches Parched Palestinian Village

7th of August 2009 was the first organized water convoy to the West Bank, highlighting the dire water shortage in Palestine. The water convoy took place in Qarawat Beni Zaid, a village in the Ramallah Governorate. This village, along with the neighboring villages of Kufr ‘Ayn, Deir Ghassani, Beitrima and Nabi Salah have not had running water since March 15th. During the past hot summer months, the average resident of these villages has consumed 37 liters of water per day, one sixth of the average provided to Jewish settlements in Israel and the occupied West Bank (235 liters a day). Organized by Israeli, Palestinian and international NGOs, … Continue reading