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11 Feb 2010
400 Trees Planted Near Karmei Tsur Settlement, Israeli Military Retaliates

On Wednesday, February 10, more than 50 international volunteers with the YMCA along with a group of Israeli activists joined 20 Palestinians in a coordinated tree-planting for 4 farmers who own land near the Karmei Tsur settlement. The action was organized by PSP, the Beit Ommar Center for Freedom and Justice, and the newly re-formed Beit Ommar Popular Committee and was designed to plant 400 trees on land that is threatened with confiscation as the Karmei Tsur settlement continues its plans to extend its “security perimeter” further onto privately-owned Palestinian land.

In 2006, these four farmers, Hamad Soleiby, Hossam Bahar, Mousa Abu Maria and Mohammed Awwad … Continue reading