If you are looking for an opportunity to stand for justice and support community development and non-violent resistance, we’d love to have you volunteer with us. You will have the unique opportunity to work with our families, farmers, children and activists.


Volunteers will have the option of working on PSP’s political advocacy, including report-writing, documenting human and civil rights abuses, and attending Palestinian non-violent demonstrations. You can also volunteer with the Center for Freedom and Justice, our community organizing and development arm in a wide range of activities including teaching English, working with farmers in their Reclaiming The Land Campaign, or volunteering in our community center. Most volunteers do a little bit of everything, depending on their interest.

All international volunteers provide the intangible benefit of additional safety to all of the citizens Beit Ommar. Settlers and Israeli soldiers are much less likely to act out in unprovoked aggressive ways when internationals are present. For example, some of our agricultural work takes place immediately adjacent to the fence from the Karmei Tzur settlement. The presence of international volunteers will greatly reduce the likelihood of teargas, sound bombs and ammunition, with the added benefit of their help on the project.
Volunteers are welcome to stay for as much time as they would like and we are open to new volunteering possibilities. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and we will create a personalized project that suits your skill set.

If this seems like the project for you, please read our Guidelines and Principles
and then use the contact form to fill out a questionnaire

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