Getting Here

Israel controls all borders to Palestine. Therefore, you are required to go through Israeli security to get to Palestine, whether you are traveling through Tel Aviv or Jordan.

PLEASE NOTE: The Israeli security has had a policy of denying entry to internationals they believe to be pro-Palestinian activists. Carrying materials that indicate this (such as any PSP materials, books with a particular political tilt, or even Arabic language books) often leads to extra questioning and possibly denial of entry. They will almost certainly search your bags.

Almost every international who tells the Israeli security that their intention is to join a Palestinian solidarity group, or that they intend to stay in the West Bank or Gaza is denied entry. Therefore, most activists emphasize their other reasons for visiting, such as their religious ties to the land, visiting historical sites, or just taking a vacation, and do not mention Palestinians.



Being caught lying to Israeli officials will also almost certainly get your entry denied. If you are denied entry in Tel Aviv they will take you into detention and will put you on a plane back to where you came from originally. If you are denied entry in Jordan, they will make you turn back to Jordan.

Flying into Tel Aviv:
If you are coming through Tel Aviv, take a regular sheirut (shared van-taxi) to Jerusalem. We suggest finding a hostel ahead of time, preferably in East Jerusalem and going there.

When you arrive in Jerusalem, CALL US At: 0598-139-590. We will give you directions to Beit Ommar, and information on when you can get training.

Note on training: PSP is a small organization so we hold trainings on an as-needed basis at this time.

How Long Should You Plan on Coming?
We suggest planning your entire stay in Palestine to be no shorter than 2 weeks. In PSP, we generally have 3-4 demonstrations or accompaniment actions a week.