If you have read about volunteering with PSP and our guidelines, and you are excited to come, fill our our questionnaire below. We use this questionnaire to better get to know you and to help us determine whether we think we will be a good fit for your volunteering. Please note: we do not provide funding for international volunteers. For more information on accommodations, please see the “What Should You Bring” page.

Please answer the following questions in the message section below (it is helpful to us if you copy and paste the questions and include your answers):

1) Approximate date of travel:

2) Expected length of stay:

3) Do you have previous experience in Palestine? What kind of work did you do?

4) Do you have any experience of non-violent direct action, human rights monitoring, collective organizing? With what organizations?

5) Have you traveled/worked/lived in communities other than North American or European ones? Where?

6) Have you read our Principles? Do you identify with them?

7) What’s led you to choose to come to Palestine at this time?

8) What are you most excited about doing here?

9) What are you most worried about?

10) Do you speak Arabic?

11) Are you a fluent writer of any language other than English?

12) How did you find out about PSP?

Optional: Tell us something about yourself, your interests, skills, etc.