What Should You Bring?

You should bring clothes that are easily-cleaned; long-sleeved shirts and pants (not shorts). For women, excess jewelry or make-up is not advised.

Be aware that in the winter months it is often cold and rainy. An extra pair of shoes is also suggested. Everything should be comfortable and easy to move in. Be sure your shirts are not see-through or too short so that your back shows when you sit down!


You do not need any heavy camping equipment, water purifiers, etc. You will be staying in an International Apartment. Water in Palestine is generally very good. Bring everything you would anticipate needing in a desert climate: jacket for the evening, sunscreen, and bug repellent.

Expect to spend between 200-400 shekels weekly (roughly 45-90 USD). The most expensive things are phone cards and transportation. Traveling back and forth between regions is the greatest expense. We recommend if you plan to stay more than 4 days that you buy a used mobile phone, it helps immensely. These cost generally around 150 shekels and we can assist you in purchasing one.

You will not pay for housing while you are working with PSP. However, you will be responsible for your own food and we do suggest volunteers contribute to the electricity, water and gas bills for the International Apartment.