Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

We work as an organization to protect Palestine’s human rights and involve as many stakeholders as possible.

We’re a group of people brought together by our shared quest to facilitate equality, justice, peace and eliminate oppression, racism, and dehumanization of the Palestinians. We also share a single belief that the Israelis shouldn’t overthrow the Palestine territory. We’re taking a stand against Palestine’s military infiltration, intolerance of Palestinians, and unlawful disobedience of Israel against international law.

We uncover organizations that benefit from the systemic oppression and injustice meted against Palestinians, the media’s carefree attitude, and the international government against the Israelis’ brutality against Palestinians. 

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What We Do


We Find & Fund

Via funding, we assist the nation of Palestine in securing the ownership of their land.


We Build Networks

We bring the public’s attention to the humiliation, oppression, trespass of the Israelis on the Palestinians land, and systemic injustice against the Palestinians by the Israelis. We create events that can help solve conflicts not just for Palestinians but for everyone as we all deserve a peaceful society


We Strengthen

Palestine Solidarity Project assists regional communities in securing their lands from the Israelis. We expose Palestine’s gross exploitation by powerful governments and seek justice for the Palestinians’ dispossession.


We pledge loyalty

We pledge loyalty to corporations, organizations, nations, and governments who fight for Palestinians’ human rights.


We work against poverty

Additionally, we partner with different stakeholders to empower Palestinians against poverty and oppression.


We fight for Palestinians

We embark on campaigns against the Palestinians’ oppression by the Israelis and those profiting from this gruesome crime. Lastly, we encourage the public and government to stand up for the fight for Palestinians.

Impact Stories

The Israeli occupation of Palestinian land (the West Bank, encompassing East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip) has lasted over 50 years with palpable chaos, intrinsic violation of human rights, and neglect for international law demonstrated by both parties. Palestinian and Israeli civilians are sadly the victims of this persistent turmoil. 

Moreover, Israeli forces’ human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) involve residence demolitions, coerced removal of Palestinian households, discriminatory arrest, unfair trials, maltreatment, and torment of detainees. Other violations by Israeli forces include the utilization of undue pressure to suppress peaceful protests and the usage of restrictive legal channels.