Palestine Solidarity Project

We work as an organization to protect Palestine's human rights

What We Do


We Find & Fund

Via funding, we assist the nation of Palestine in securing the ownership of their land.


We Build Networks

We bring the public’s attention to the humiliation, oppression, trespass of the Israelis on the Palestinians land, and systemic injustice against the Palestinians by the Israelis.


We Strengthen

Palestine Solidarity Project assists regional communities in securing their lands from the Israelis. We expose Palestine’s gross exploitation by powerful governments and seek justice for the Palestinians’ dispossession.


We pledge loyalty

We pledge loyalty to corporations, organizations, nations, and governments who fight for Palestinians’ human rights.


We work against poverty

Additionally, we partner with different stakeholders to empower Palestinians against poverty and oppression.


We fight for Palestinians

We embark on campaigns against the Palestinians’ oppression by the Israelis and those profiting from this gruesome crime. Lastly, we encourage the public and government to stand up for the fight for Palestinians.

What We Care For!

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The core of our value lies in global solidarity for the Palestinians. We raise our voices so that their voices are loud and strong enough to propel positive change, freedom, and victory from Israelis’ oppression. Together we desire for civil society for Palestine.

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At the Palestine Solidarity Project, we lead by example for the public to emulate our actions to facilitate our mission, vision, and the change we desire.

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We prove our commitment to Palestine by upholding our solidarity with the nation and its people regardless of opposition and numbers.

Joint Liberation

We perform our assignment to achieve sovereignty, equality, and justice for the Palestinian population, believing that all types of oppression are related; therefore, we combat all forms of oppression.


We will never resort to violence or encourage violence in our solidarity with Palestinians. We advocate for peace while achieving our missions and vision.

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We accomplish our mission and goals via a transparent approach and achieve the same with consideration for Palestinian’s practical ordeals.